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Still needed Mike baka news ninety three point one Kathy Kay in his impeachment inquiry testimony yesterday E. U. ambassador Sunland says there was a clear quid pro quo between the trump insulin ski administrations cave BK's Mike power reports the answer is yes sun would also made it clear that president trump told he Kurt Volker and Rick Perry that Rudy Giuliani was the point man for anything involving Ukraine someone's testimony also makes it clear that this was not some kind of a rogue operation masterminded by trump's personal lawyer Rudy guiliani alone everyone was in the loop secretary of state Mike Pompeii a former national security adviser John Bolton acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney Rudy guiliani vice president pence and even president trump himself Mike Bauer news ninety three point one K. F. B. Catherine's Andrew is taking a step back from his public duties because of the fallout from his association with Jeffrey Epstein well commentator Victoria arbiter says it was his decision to make friends and it would have come in as well in order to save face he was allowed to construct his own statement and deliver his and statements but this was very much a case of the queen and prince Charles he released a statement saying it had become a major disruption to his family's work and the many organizations and charities that he is proud to support Xander said he asked the queen to step back from his public duties for the foreseeable future and she agreed the prince said he unequivocally regrets his ill judged association with obscene is that he is happy to cooperate with any of the police investigations and now let's get you caught up on all of this hour's top national stories and news ninety three point one KFBK and what could be the last of the public hearings in the impeachment inquiry both the witnesses scheduled to appear today have just shown up at the capitol among them the top Russian expert on the National Security Council who will say in her opening statement that the idea that Ukraine and not Russia was behind the twenty sixteen election hack is a fictional narrative maybe she's very Bruce on Capitol Hill has more on E. when bass record in silence testimony Wednesday comments testimony here was an historic bomb shell and now this morning investigators are preparing to question two more officials who have said they were shocked by what they witnessed and alarmed by the trump administration's foreign policy former White House official Fiona hill will warn of a fictional narrative that is being perpetuated about Ukraine it caps three days of intense hearings here on the hill that are sending reverberations through Washington president trump will have lunch today with ten Republican senators who may be voting eventually on his impeachment with continuing coverage the house impeachment hearings Sherri prestin ABC news a local couple says P. Jeannie owes them two hundred eighty million dollars what they say they lost and P. genies are action in three minutes these issues local news destiny news ninety three point one K. at the calorieking.

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