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To paid users. Told verge that more than five point, six million people have downloaded the absence launch sensor tower puts the estimate. Four point five million qube shot back, saying censor towers numbers for paid subscribers. is quote incorrect by an order of magnitude but went. Yeah. Honestly the eight percent conversions not bad. Just, give qube some some props for that, it's just you need to have more users signing up in the beginning for that to make seventy two thousand is a much yeah I mean the comparison to Disney plus is a Disney plus having eleven percent. You kinda like okay. Eight percent is under that, but it's Disney plus a lot more users at offset, so it turns out to a lot more users today that are now paying. Qube also raised an exorbitant amount of money so to have a conversion rate that on paper as I. Might. Be Okay for another company is not necessarily okay for this company. Because to make that money back is going to take you know there have been estimates of like hundreds of years, which is just not gonNA happen so. A lot of this has to do with the upper management of Qube, saying hey, this is pandemic related. We know what we're doing. You know we've got robbed based. You know virus later this us, and and and and yet they've they've walked back certain stances. You know they're now. Allow allowing cast into televisions because everybody's at home. I believe they know. Allow screen shots which they didn't. Initially, which kind of hurts social sharing of things, but I don't know man I don't know I I got a couple of people who were like Oh crap, forgot to cancel Qube, so I'm part of that number will go there. There's seventy two thousand. The percentage of users is really not something you should focus on to be totally honest with you if you want to look at the success or failure of and very obviously I think we know where on this side of that binary, the the numbers lay is that nine hundred and ten thousand users signed up initially..

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