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Crash on the interloop before you get to university boulevard just past the bridge over northwest branch apparently it's two separate accidents taken up the left side of the roadway for now Single file right gets by with heavy response on scene They're trying to get everything over more than likely over to widen right shoulder because the left shoulder is very narrow at the point as you come off the bridge headed towards university boulevard So again as you crest the hell out of your hamstring you're gonna see us see a brake lights in front of you Please watch your speeds coming around from I 95 toward New Hampshire avenue and university boulevard I should say that's on the outer loop The craze where the crash is at a loop before university boulevard So just be aware interval lanes are open Now if you're traveling elsewhere on the ballet working on a beltway in Virginia it's going to be on the outer loop approaching route 7 headed toward I 66 single left lane blocked to the main line There has single right lane blocked in the express lanes On the inner loop of the bellway between root 50 Arlington boulevard 9 66 single file left gets you by the works in the last check You still have access to the rams to go east and west on 66 In the district they were cleaning up the crash over on New York evident Mount Vernon square last check still had New York avenue closed each way between 7th and 9th streets and also 9th street southbound close to New York avenue northbound 7th was also closed And again you could not continue through on K street or Massachusetts avenue as a result of those closures Rich hundred WT traffic If you've been waiting for the warmer temperatures they look like they're finally going to show up here over the next couple of days First off though your Tuesday morning watch out for any residual wet roads that could become a little bit.

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