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Highlight and then some movie clip from twenty five years ago. You know I will get revenge very subtle the revenge cut colony. Oh my God I was number one with that fucking piece of wood. Would you get in your car to leave. Are you going to download the Gerry Callahan. PODCAST and listen to describe to it. Yeah no yeah. I think I subscribed to you Mike. Yeah Yeah I'll give it a shot. I will absolutely well. Aren't you or we have got up early. I mean I'll I'll listen to it to cut it up and listen to it if you want audio from it. All I'm saying you as a consumer. Oh like just for entertainment now. Okay what podcast you. That's that's Jerry's target audience shit. Well young watching these actually not perfect six. Would you listen to during the day. I listened to bad podcasts broadcast to pull audio for this show. I'm just saying if you didn't have this job. I pull up like a Rogan a listener Rogan. If it's a good interview but not like I don't just automatically listen to what I started a Rogan last week and I stopped like five minutes. So boy they recap. They're sober right after it gets down to the advertising out we've seen heard those I'm very. I'm very guest dependent on his podcast. Like I like it when he has like a scientist honored interesting. Do you have Tucker Carlson. That'd be good two hours through express he hasn't they talk on again. I think so. Yeah let's see we're not. I think he enjoyed good spirits. Barstool guy he's a fan he followed. Your story is interrupt me rudely but praised me so I appreciate it. I know I know your story pal. Everyone else all right enough can hurt. Shut the fuck up. I'm your guest. You Idiot asked me a question. We'll talk about yourself. God Tech I meant to ask him about his ditch. The bowtie I never got to it the next minute fans will come on you connected for sure. You'RE NOT GONNA be able to get him on Friday if you keep doing those kind of shows maybe on a Saturday. s doing that Saturday this week right. No Friday get. Why wouldn't want to go up against football? Let Yeah cares about the what. What the fuck talking about tone appropriate thing? If you don't care then you have the option of watching them really. We're suppose that's patriots aren't playing. No no that's fun. Yeah they were down the. Are you giving Michael. RIDE DOWN TO THE CAPE Steve supposed to be an expensive uber. Oh boy yeah. Even think of that didn't cross my mind But he's a swim to the Cape from here. I don't know where specifically Centerville a couple of hours. Okay can talk drive down on their together probably happen. We didn't show yesterday. Steve told me about his uber driver. One yesterday after the show last night Equity Quinton impression of they sure. Did I knew driver. That was a mix between bill cosby and Bill Nye the Science Guy who lectured me about how it's a crime to geese with your car told you told me. He's no she just brought it up unsolicited really. Yeah sure to to the the right guy to bring that up to believe I Kabbalah Uber History. And tell you what her name is doesn't mean that she'd you're liable she said you okay. That's true that proof. I was more focused on the voice that did and even though the combined buying Bill Cosby Bill Nye the guy she was lecturing me about science and the estuary and harbor seals being seen their.

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