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Let's see Looking at some of these comments anyone find it funny. That sony put an xbox game out for the next gen before microsoft. Has anybody find it. Funny sony put out an xbox game out for the next gen before microsoft has. I don't know what that means. I don't know which experts stain released on the playstation. I think maybe he's talking about like yeah. I don't know. Sometimes i can't tell. Sometimes it feels like people stretch to cause a console discussion. Yeah finally break down. You're like and i'm not saying this person is but when you find breakdown you like what the fuck was i mean. Maybe he means yeah. Yeah i don't even know what that is doesn't make. Any sense is comment. But love the podcast hoping to become patron for you and mattie soon thank you matt is not on this podcast though we get a lot of overlap. I've had people be like karaoke. Only does this guy only does xbox. And i'm like what. And then i realized because of that podcast like people get completely confused on who does what. So just so everybody knows a cg international podcast me ham radio mattioli and dustin and then The defining duke is madina though we do do a lot of stuff together. Matty and i are like internet hose. We we hang we. We travel in a pack Let's see is store having a game. That doesn't is xbox. Having a game that doesn't land on all consoles is xbox having a game that doesn't land on all consoles. What does that mean exclusives problem. Yes urine so let's see wasn't really meant to be a war thing just meant to be a silly comment. Well you are silly but no. It's fine that's why. I said i didn't know exactly so. Nicholas cage a podcast. That is true even though that is true. I do a lot of podcasts. Although to be fair just wanted halo released for series consoles but widely wisely delayed yet. I don't know if anybody's listening.

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