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Know the patriots as every NFL team. Is there banged up weekly? Yes. And for the patriots a big name Sony. Michelle, rob gronkowski. They've had offense of line problems. And they just keep grinding away. Yeah. They sure do. I mean, it just seems like they find players around the league or better on their reserve list. They come right in and stars. Second down and six Brady fakes the hand off looking throwing left side and his receiver fell down. Josh, gordon. Lost his footing at the twenty two yard line and a ball sailed over his head. He was open and it was good pass. He just slipped and fell that's two first downs. Now, the Josh Gordon either didn't catch or was not in the position to catch the ball. That's what stopped strives third and six, and you just get the sense that so far today the New England Patriots offense has been just a shade off. Third and six from the thirteen Brady and the gun five man rushed on right side line for Gordon. Incomplete completed the thirty five yard line well covered by Dorie Jackson. And the patriots go three and out. Gray one of his last five pass it. Yeah. You know, really, you know, Dorie Jackson was in great position that time, but he was facing up the receiver and I've seen that call in terms of even defensive pass interference. But he.

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