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See this? An excellent, you really understand the term and how to play and he said, well, yeah, each one of them, and I said, you know, you know what they're not see, I said, well to question if you ever visited Normandy. No, I haven't have you visited death? Oh, no. I have not. Have you been said, Auschwitz you only have done all? I have what the exception by brother visited Al Schwartz. And I said, if you enter into the camp where it says in German. That work is free, or free. Yeah. I said, you'll see pictures and, and horrible mementos of what the Nazis did and to your plane, and I studied this and at Wayne State under factor volley of Brad's. Nazi germany. He died a couple of years ago. The point is that today the politicians and the Omar are to leave our, another trashing our American military, and we're all sudden, big categorizes terrible people, and it's really a buck array of what our military does the school for, like, just take. They're not teaching at adopt. I'm lucky because my daughter in my home office. I worked in the aerospace and defense industry. Thank you, military aircraft. My daughter. See my battle in my basement in my home office every day. And. I I'll tell you, we're up against the Br. I can't thank you, not only for what your family did. But for for what you did in your comments should be adhered to by many. Do yourself a favor in actually follow history, Ken Rogulski with news next year on seven sixty.

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