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Dan Schwartzman and Dan. We've got one upset going down. Stay one of the French Open. Yeah, Denise, what are opening round it was Roland Garros and Paris, one top set, ten seat eliminated the 8th seat of Maria sakari knocked down trade sets by Carolina muchova. Notables moving on to the second round, include two seat arena sabalenka, and third sea Jessica pegula in 9th seated Daria kasatkina. In the main draw 11 seed karanka chanoff needed 5 sets to advance past constant west yen while this seat stephanos sits past and 70 Andre Rublev both needed four sets to move on to the second round. Final day the Premier League season both Leicester City and Leeds United relegated lest of being sent down just 7 years after having won the league. Elsewhere league winners Manchester City lose to Brentford one nil arsenal dominates Wolverhampton 5 to one Chelsea Newcastle and in a one all draw Manchester United slipping past full of two to one Liverpool and Southampton ended a four old draw while Tottenham beats up on leads four to one Harry Kane scoring a brace. Red Bull's Max Verstappen winning a rain soaked Monaco Grand Prix for the second time in his career, Aston Martin's Fernando Alonso finishes second with Esteban ocon of Alpine racing rounding out the top three. Meanwhile American Josef Newgarden wins his first Indy 500, the edges out defending champion Marcus Eriksen on the fourth closest margin in a 104 years. Baseball scoreboard games currently ongoing local teams bottom 9 Houston ten Oakland one, bottom of the 8th Boston getting doubled up in Arizona, four to two earlier Yankees, they win at home over San Diego ten to 7. I'm Dan schwarzman that your Bloomberg world sports update, Brian. All right, thanks very much Dan, the time 16 minutes here before the top of the hour. Let's say good morning to Barbara Ann Bernard, chief investment officer at wind crust, capital. I say good morning because we're here in Asia looking at futures moving higher this morning, Barbara. And so trying to get a reading here on the sentiment in the session in the marketplace as we get going today. It seems like we'll have a little better than sentiment better than average sentiment given the debt ceiling deal tentatively achieved. But then it looks like the odds of a fed rate hike are moving up. So net net, where do we go from here? Well, thanks for having me, Brian. It's always a pleasure. Your guess is as good as mine. It's an incredibly tricky time right now. The market that I find most perplexing is Hong Kong. I notice your futures are flat. And I wish they were up. We've got a lot of exposure to those markets. But as you say, the NASDAQ indicating a 0.5% and the S&P is also cheering this debt ceiling, but the idea that we'll have some great sustained rally because of it is sort of laughable to me because markets haven't sold off going into it. So you can actually make the argument that you want to buy the rumor and sell the news here. How much of the moment Barbara is the market being dictated to not so much by fundamentals and indeed news you just mentioning, but about structure in many ways and how that structure at the moment is involved with let's say liquidity perhaps being very much a part of it. Thank you, Rashad. That's a wonderful question. I was reflecting that I think my generation might be the last two invested in fundamentals because the last 15 years has really been driven by liquidity and narratives. So you look at the race and the AI and that just seems like the next bubble. And if you get in early enough, you can make a lot of money, but then get out. So I don't know how to play the narrative games. I mean, I'm a value investor, Sir John templeton trained at heart. So if everyone's going left, I tend to look right and that's what Sam zell bless his whole always did. And so the things that when I sit back, what's more attractive than cash right now, which you're earning 5% risk free, it has to be what starved for capital. And when I really step back this weekend and thought about it, you know, I had raised 25% cash in my funds and one of my funds I can do private investments. And all three pre IPL opportunities that all filed their S ones. They all thought they were going public in Q four of last year. All three of them didn't. Because the market sold off, all three of them thought they would in Q one Q two. And then when the banking crisis arose, they were advised by their bankers to hold off. These are wonderful companies that we know really well. And what they need now because they're going to market potentially a year. 15, 18 months later, is capital. And of course that's the one thing that's not available. So I suddenly thought about, well, what's the highest and best use for my cash right now? It's probably backing those companies. It's the one place where I can handle my heart, say, this is going to yield a better return than cash or the equity market in the next 12 months. Very good on paper, but you know, there isn't as much transparency in private markets. And I wonder whether or not it's almost a riskier bet, you know, going into a period where we don't know whether or not we might tumble into recession or whether we skate through. I'm sure you've considered that and you like the probabilities, but you have to admit that the transparency is not so much there in private equity. Agreed, Brian, unless you've done an enormous amount of work on these companies, right? I know them very, very, very well. This is a timing problem. The company hasn't done anything wrong. The only reason they're not going to market is the IPO markets are shut and that's beyond their control. So is that sort of something you can take advantage of if you have a longer term horizon. And what I'm saying is it's harder and harder to make money on if you have a month to month view on what's the fed going to do. Are we raising rates? Is the debt ceiling? None of that really matters if you have an 18 month view and can look back on what the opportunity was at that moment. And what I'm saying is the opportunity is always what people are afraid to do. So I appreciate that you might not have the transparency you might not have a liquidity, but if I look at the markets this year

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