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Money? Remember the money? Remember the money? Remember the money? So now your face and your facial muscles and your mouth, it should be feeling a lot more relaxed. So the last kind of cherry on top for any good pre presentation warm pre game ritual is some mindset, right? So my favorite is. I threw my hands up in the air ele AB Cutty, and I say a line from Cyrano diversion act, which is I feel too strong to war with mortals. Bring me giants. Right. A lover. Okay. But you can do anything that works for you. You got this whatever it is. That's gonna make you feel powerful. Like, the subject matter expert that you are. But we'll do mine. Because this is what works for me. And I love this adoptive. Here we go I feel too strong to war with mortals bring age. I he's not believe you one more time. I feel too strong to war with mortals. Bring me giants. Okay. That's it. Nice get to go. And typically when I go in that head coaching. They look at my power point. They wanna hear and they want to mind kind of we're Smith my words and craft my message. That's what a lot of people think about it training, or when we work with people are going to present to aboard that we need to make sure their information's good. What I love about. You is you make sure we're good. So that no matter what comes up from the audience. It's like you're open your heart shockers open your aligned, you're like ready to go. I love the warm ups up this. It's all important, right? This is about going from good to great. So your contact was already good. Your PowerPoint with already because you can do that. I don't want to give people the impression you don't do that. Like, I'm Jay Jeff your message. So and for my tedtalk, you guys really helped me craft messaging to get things concise and sustained and clear. So yeah. One of the studies I love to quote when I need buy in from people about why this is important is a study called the Moravian study. And it's the most historic in some seminal study they've ever done on an audience's perception of a speaker's credibility. They studied three things body language tone of voice in content, and it was over four hundred and fifty thousand audience members in several hundred speakers and the percentages are amazing. So thirty eight percent of the audience's perception of the speakers credibility was based on tone of voice. So pint, Nick, your credible, and I trust you. And I think you are subject matter expert because of how you sound right. Your voices and shaking, it's powerful. It's grounded. You're pausing. You're taking your time. Fifty.

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