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I guess we'll begin. With today's game. The Barcelona three nil victory over Liverpool at the camp now six years ago today, do you know what happened? No that was the last time Barcelona lost a Champions League game at home may first two thousand thirteen against Byron Munich, they are in machine in that building. And really in general, but they prove once again, how hard it is to go there and beat them because I was going to say play. Well, I actually thought for large stretches of the game Liverpool did play. Well. I thought Liverpool were very good at times. I would say that the the last time Liverpool were in the new camphor champions e game. They didn't play as well and came away with a two one win. They had chances. I think ultimately if you want to break the game down. There was an. Inevitabilities about what happened tonight? There was a certain for boarding that came from the chances that were missed for example. Should you be one they'll down and you're seventy eight yards out. And has been a wonderful move. That's gone straight down the field from back to front and the ball being crossed you. If you're James Milner, you cannot site foot that tamely attor stay again, you have got to score. These are the elevated clients of European football that you're in right now. And that sounds like strange for me to say consider Liverpool during the Champions League final last year bought. That's just a fact against Barcelona and against Lino messy. You must be better. You must be clinical. If you're saudi-omani in the first half you most finish you've got to finish that chance. Yeah. There was a lot of that. I kind of had this broken down into a few categories, but we can jump to the third one that I have because you're kind of on that topic right now, which was how do you feel heading into the second leg? And look this game was over at three nil. We all know that but the Taiwan and for Liverpool like you said on the heels of the chances that they missed earlier, especially the Milner one, but for them to then have kind of like the mental fortitude to not drop their heads after that third goal messy. But instead go right back down right for me. No puts a shot on. That's cleared off the line. Beats her stage is cleared off the line and the rebound goes right to most Sala who with an empty net in front of him. Fires it off the post. That's the MoMA. It to me or covering defenders should neyla. He should've come on. He should've spoiling should have scored. That's the moment for me. You can talk about all those other. Mrs but Liverpool were they were right on the doorstep of getting out of there was with some kind of glimmer of hope evaluation away more than a glimmer because you know, if you go. You've got that away goal to nil is enough right now, look we can talk about how difficult it might be to prevent Barscelona from scoring. Cram more away. But the fact of the matter is a two nil victory for Liverpool at home with their defending being what it is. It's possible that to me was the moment you can talk about all those other MRs. But that was the one that I thought was just the ultimate gut punch. You're looking for combeback of epic proportions everyone talks about an I've talked about as what you're going to need Borussia Dortmund style Europa league game from twenty sixteen combeback, but that was one one after the first leg the second leg was decrees e leg it was four three that all happened those away goals for dorm and all that happened in the space of ninety minutes..

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