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I'm host Jane Perron and welcome to light oral terrarium. Yes. That's what a listener described on the ledge as in a lovely. I change reviewed this week. Thank you very much to work smarter. Who left me a five star review on apple podcasts. How nice of you. I really appreciate it. If you want to review, the podcast, please do the other recent review that I liked was entitled, my quirky, and brilliant. Pseudo aunt, I guess, she means me weld famous. Actress caper George farmer is my guest on the show this week. I find out how he got started in the world of creating wonderful underwater landscapes, and how a hobby turned interprofession has helped him coat with the ofter affects of PTSD. And I squeeze lots of practical tips out of Georgia's well for anyone wanting to get started in Chris gaping or indeed up their game. Also coming up Acuna about a raindrop pepperoni with curling leaves. Yes. What is making the leaves of your plant co we'll find out some possible answers in that coming up Hof way through the show. But before I play the interview with Georgia just word about merchandising, as you know, on the ledge podcast has recently changed its logo to something very cool and minimalist that logo is starting to replace the old logo in most locations, but it may take a few more days to totally strip out the old one and replace it with the new, but if you want to display this new logo about your very person the opportunities there because I have set up a merch shop on the ledge. If you go to Jane Perron dot com in the top right hand corner. You'll find a link coach shop, that's what we need to click on and you can buy your own tote, bags mugs, t shirts..

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