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Forty five brought to you by your local Honda dealer don't settle for less than a Honda nine forty five his day job so you know we check blood via is not a big country with the wizards have not one but two players from Lafayette on their roster you probably heard of Java's protons but what about the player they call a P. because his name on it about the Jimmy assisting servicing a first round pick of the Orlando Magic in twelve games out of the wizards averaging over eight point six rebounds coming off the bench she was developed in the G. league with the capital city go go in the head coach or go go's rhyme Richmond he's a very very intelligent player he's cerebral when he watches film he understands what he needs to do better impostor sneaks and the wizard for the Atlanta Hawks nine dollars were Johns expected back you've been out nine games of the quad injury before you went out of the top three point shooters in the entire NBA women's basketball last night Kylie Charles scored twenty three points from Maryland Terrapins controlled the boards all that's great but the Germans lost highway and I were city sixty six sixty one defending a champion Baylor knocked of Yukon ended the Huskies ninety eight game home winning streak a a follow up to our tender store yesterday remember we told you that a fan of Irish soccer team Dundalk FC broke news about the signing of the player Hazen's press by saying his profile on in there where he said he was a player for Dundalk yeah now he's been drafted by New York City FC from Major League Soccer and he says he's not gonna do that tender profile thing so you were on tenderness all that well no I I reserve the story breaking up I'll never get out of this Dave Johnson ever you tell be sports day things coming up we've got your weekend forecast nine forty seven what one of my favorite jobs is as a business owner sharing good feed store now I've shared my story how I love the good feet arts support so much that I bought the store but here's another good feet story I received recently from a customer name Betsy I was at my wit's end I tried several arch supports and visit the doctors in an effort to regain some ability I heard about the good feed store so I drove over and limped in with the walking I was met by Jackie and so began my freedom to move again she fitted me once I walked on the store I knew I'd found the answer to put then came the question how much knowing what I know now I pay five times as much I've walked all seventy five pounds and I'm still going I just celebrated my seventy first birthday so don't let anyone tell you you're too old or it's too late it's not fix your feet and keep moving thank you Jackie and a good feed store isn't it time to get your good feet story I'm John thing cod come on in for your free spending and test walk of the good feed store in Richmond.

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