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Yeah, worst acting I had Umberto when he was trying to convince him. Out to the ring. Yeah, I Drew McIntyre. Oh no, he gave us another history lesson. Yeah that I didn't even mention cuz not as awful, best acting I'm on with AJ Styles off his promo. Okay I'm over the edge. Yeah, you know whatever yep. Worst comments room was trying to say in second of all and he went and second all and then he went home. You're an idiot. You can't even like remember your lines. Yeah so that was my worst. I'll just go with McIntyre's history lesson again. Yeah I don't even it's often best comment. What did you have? I don't know. Yeah I don't really nothing really McAfee was kind of funny a little bit but yeah. No, like Zinger line that I hear. Nothing stood out. Yeah. Worst match, my worst was Seamus and Berto. It shot see and Knox vs Italian Samina. Yeah, super slo-mo. Eric versus Alma's. Correct wage. Best match. You could probably go with Ricochet and Morrison cuz I did a lot of shit. I thought Styles Ivar was actually pretty good too. So, okay. Yeah, I didn't Ricochet more. Yeah, down were smooth. Just, you know, Champions losing. So I'm just going to go the female, the women's tag Champs losing clean. Okay, I thought that was just stopped doing that. I had bought a superkick. They did this like like Natalia was trying to sling shot shot. See, but it didn't work. Well, look, horrible. And then to me know, like, delayed or kick. And it was, it was all. Yeah, best move. Obviously the latter spot with Ricochet and Morrison. Yep, worst moment or segments, gosh, I had the swordfish. It just yeah. Am ruined your sword, right? Yeah. Then you don't like stop. Yeah that was horrible. And then best moment or segment I think just for me it was like I've been waiting for an executive Xavier Woods Place. And I know like when Champs get pinned, especially clean but I just had would speeding Lashley. So your best mom was a rollup. Yeah. Who was yours? The crew guy coming out during billing page Society laughed so hard cuz he was like oh and then he like notice he was on camera and then tried to run away. Great scripted moment to win. Injuries of my best moments lately are all like mistakes. Yeah lately. So all right answer breaking news. We have some sad news. Mister Wonderful Paul Orndorff passed away at the age of 71. Yeah, warned us son Travis made the announcement on social media but did not reveal the cause of death but it is known that he had been suffering from dementia. Yeah. So birth fuel ratio Hogan's just like less men. Stood and brother. Yeah like he's you know he's the only one left. He has he been Mister T from the main event of which doesn't belong. One account because he's even the ref is dead. Yeah, Pat Patterson, yeah. Piper yeah, sucks. And then Sasha Banks, and Bianca Bel-Air one. Best WWE off at the ESPYs this past Saturday for main Eventing WrestleMania from Main Eventing. Yeah WrestleMania. Yeah so it ended so once they fought WrestleMania was over Twenty-One for well for that night right? It does. It's an award show for Real Sports so they won best fake moment at the essence. Best fake moment that wage and even a moment in real life as they didn't Main Event. They were fake crying. Like dude, Ronda Rousey vs Becky vs Charlotte was a real Main Event. Yeah. Like kind of feels kind of situation. This was not know. This was not It's a good match sure. But it wasn't like, oh my God. You were both at the ESPYs together partying together. And it's like, isn't Sasha going to return like next week and attack Bel-Air, right? And they're hanging out the ESPYs. The guy, why am I why why don't they do best Avengers fight scene? Right I mean best sporting moment on WWE..

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