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Rush Limbaugh the greatest radio talk shows of all time tried a little bit in television didn't work out so well but Russia is still the greatest there ever was when it comes to talk radio Bill O'Reilly who was great in cable TV Did not really succeed in radio There's only one person in America that dominates nachos radio but also television and also authors of books That is my friend Sean Hannity and Sean Hannity Welcome again to the Bill Cunningham show and Sean how are you Bill Cunningham great American God bless you I need a full report because the country that I used to know as the United States of America the greatest country God gave man is in deep trouble today sir Well let's go back in time because I like to This is we're celebrating the 25 years of Fox and you were there from day one and I've seen some of the old videos of you 25 years ago And by the way I heard that I heard that chuckle Billy Cunningham believe me I've been getting I've been getting this chuckle all week All right let's talk about why did Sean Hannity happen Because I know a little better about your journey in the south through talk radio And we were together briefly in GST in Atlanta But talk about how you made your way what did roger ALC that many others didn't see Right place right time right talent How did that happen You know I don't know It's very outliers to be honest I mean it was a blessing the timing was great I used to ask roger because when you look at those old tapes I mean I look like 20 years old My hair was a lot blacker Billy Cunningham than it is today as you can see And I was a radio guy like you and my passion was radio That's all I really cared about And lo and behold I start doing all these TV shows out of Atlanta CNN was calling me like every other day to do their live audience show talk back live And then I kept getting called up to New York to do Geraldo and Sally Jesse and Phil Donahue and all these other shows And anyway one of those times roger ailes saw me and gave me an opportunity he was running on CNBC at the time And he gave me an opportunity on Saturday night to host a show talk live I hosted it then new Cambridge becomes speaker I'm still a local radio host in Atlanta And then newt stopped doing interviews and like February of 95 and I have been the emcee of the night when he became speaker And I call roger I said if you want I can get him for the full hour and I got another hour on that on CNBC on Saturday night It was a call in show And then he said after that appearance don't sign in another contract until you talk to me And that's how you and of course you're in New York City guy anyway but then did you begin with Alan combs into that come later No no we started with those Hannity and combs It was October 7th 1996 Alan such a great guy and by the I think some of the best exchanges ever in the history of television or Alan combs and Billy Cunningham Boy one time in particular you know the moment I'm talking about Yes You got him so riled up and so angry and poor Allen You guys were able to work it out I served as the chief justice Negotiated a peaceful settlement and you guys were back to being friends again A little story I don't know if I related this to you but I'm in line about a week later I have my two little grandkids are with me And they were like three and 5 and I'm in line to go in some little ride of kids land and my phone rings and it's an area of New York City and I normally wouldn't pick it up but honestly I thought it was you So I picked it up And he said Bill this is Alan combs and I said oh Allen How are you doing man He said not good He said I think you embarrassed me on my show and I feel like I'm out and apology You weren't respectful to me And I said look Alan it's your show and Sean show if I did anything to offend you I'm sorry And do you remember what exactly it was man out of context It was something that would communism something new in Marxism He was my correct identified as a communist in the beginning of his life When he and Marxist Yeah I mean listen he was hard for left but the thing about Alan he was a nice guy and he really believed it Yes And you know and he left this earth wave way too early and you know what We both felt pretty blessed with two radio guys Radio wanders if we will what most people in Cincinnati may not know are a lot of people and radio or the travelers of this fruited plane if you will And they're going all around the country from city to city and market to market And I did a little of that in my life from California to Alabama to Georgia One funny story for the people since then Annie that'll listen to the big one here today But that before I started in Atlanta they wanted to send in a host to kind of set set it up that anybody other than him would be satisfactory So they brought in Bill Cunningham and this is at the time when the Atlanta Braves were at their hottest point in life And Bill Cunningham comes in making fun of the city of Atlanta making fun of the phrase making fun of the hawks making fun of the falcons talking about how crappy the city is and you beat up the people on the air for a good two weeks and by the time I showed up they were like thank God we'll take the guy from New York over that Cincinnati guy any day That guy is out of here and that was a brilliant move by Randy Michaels who said look brilliant move That's Randy Michael's one O one You gotta be so bad that we bring in Sean Hannity and say thank God Hannity's here is that a Cunningham That was beautiful Thank God that other guy left what a relief this new guy is so much better He likes our.

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