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It's the Broncos under pain. Of coach's assistant coaches, and or coordinators mean normally speaking in the NFL coordinators pay would be somewhere between Ah 1.5 million and probably up to three million. I know of one coordinator that's making upwards of 2.5 million But I I've never. I've never heard it suggested, nor seen it in print that the Broncos underpaid their position coaches. I mean, Mike Man checks regarded as one of the really great position. Coaches in our Game Hall of Fame player has worked for a long, long time, primarily with the Steelers, also with the Titans. As an offensive line coach on DH and head coach. So yeah, I think I mean, you look at how they're they're performing in the run game. That that's the best part of what they do offensively. Yeah, I agree with you a month. Check as you said former head coach. In the league Broncos have two former head coaches on their staff. Along with the Vic Fangio. Which I think is is a good thing typically. Aunt Pat Shurmur. The offensive coordinator, Andy Reid last week, said he thinks he's one of the best O sees in the National Football League. So I think they got the right guys there. They just have a really young team, you know? Ah, ticket back to before the season started. We talked about how you're going to have to be patient with the offense. And it's going to be a work in progress. No preseason games. No. OT a cz. And a short training camp, and that's what we're seeing now. I think we're now. You're going to see Locke have AH, good game, and Locke have a bad game. And let's hope he can turn it around, and I do have a feeling this week. He's going to turn it around, and we're going to see Ah, good drew lock game this week against the Chargers. This is a a team they can beat and they should be at home. I think, as Rick said, it's not unexpected to see the ups and downs. Of not only drew lock but the entire broncosoffense this year. And again we said this before the year started. With respect to lock There would be times when you left the stadium. If you were one of the lucky 5700, and you drove away thinking, Okay, this guy is our future. He's he's We're in good hands with drew lock, And then there will be other games that you left the stadium and said, I don't have any idea what they're doing at quarterback. Because of some of the things that Rick said new system new offensive coordinator No OT A CZ No real practice time in the summer, no preseason games, a lot of new additions on the outside young players trying to in their own way. Learn the offense. So not to be unexpected again. I think the important thing for the Broncos this when the regular season is done, they have to know in their minds. Whether or not They think Drew lock has progressed to the point. That he's the guy moving forward. And I haven't seen enough so far for me to think that that will not be the case. I really haven't. I think they've got to give him some help. You've got to coach him up a little bit. You get a coach. Some of those Gun slinger habits out of him, not all of them. But a few of them got to get him back on his words. Footwork is sound. He's in the pocket. He's not drifting back all the time trying to fling it side armed. Some of those things, but Kirk and Lonetree joins us on K Away news radio. Good morning, Kirk. Hey, guys talked me off the ledge here. Um, I'm super pissed off about the mayor, Closing the gyms and fitness facilities. Ah, eh, because number one mental help. The physical health. And what is the Ah Ah, the Kobe mortality rate amongst those who are obese. Hide one high blood pressure. Um, anxiety, panic attacks. And the gym's working out helps those people and now that is taken away from them. White And it is sending a really, really bad message, and I just cannot believe this is happening. You know what? Kirk On the top of that I haven't seen any studies that show Kobe. It's being spread of Jim's. None anywhere in the country. I I can tell you this Greenwood Athletic Club. Has had over 30. I believe his 36,000 visitors since this started Not one Positive case. 36,000 you go. People have gone through Not one positive case and the gyms or the cleanest they've ever been there, keeping these gyms immaculate now. And everybody spread out. Everybody's respectful. I'm with you, Kirk and I think a lot of people are going to be very angry. If that happens again statewide. And we saw we saw what happened in New Jersey with that one. Jim that refused to close down. They made these guys lives miserable. They tried to throw him in jail. Yeah. Yeah, in the gym that Ah, I usedto work out because I am now retired because of Kobe because they shut us down and none of my clients. Are wanting to come back in, but ah, they have set up a perfect sort of call. You know, trainers. You got a 10 ft area. You could train you're kind and everybody has to be wearing a match every other treadmill. Is open. You have to be wearing a mask. 48. It's a smaller Jim 48 people every hour could come in, work out and they're taking that liberty away from us. And it's going to cause More more damage. Card. Thanks. Yep. We We do appreciate that. Paul in the springs on K Away with Dave Ragan. Kathy morning, Paul. Hey, guys, the girl Well, me and my brother talked about it. We're bold, You know, Weird Al Way, days. We've to get t their high school because we can't win a Super Bowl. And none of the friends around when we do when we were both so I can see them back. But anyway, um I think the big case we're talking about is that back in the day that we would always go ahead and be Elway. You need to let you lock. Be comfortable. What he does tryingto make him See what he's not let him because that's why we're home so good. They let my home do what you want, and he makes the NFL looks really because he's comfortable at it. You see when they try to keep him in the pocket too long, it gets act like a normal human being. Let him get outside that parking. That's when everything happened. We'll go lose the Super Bowl that home start running around, you beat it beat when Super Bowl We need a lead to lock in the youngsters do what they do. They play backyard ball. I think there's there's There's some truth of that. But you also have to make good decisions with the wall. I mean, this is the.

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