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Ashley Home Store. Ashley Home store. Com. This is home traffic on the tens. Every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons from the Bonnie leading the way Home Traffic Center. I'm David has news 93.1 kpk. Thank you, Gina. Tonight we'll see. Clear skies Expect a low of 53 to 57 Plenty of sunshine on tap tomorrow high of 83 to 87 for tomorrow Friday and Saturday Plenty of sunshine Friday we'll see a high of 87 to 91 a high of 91 95 4 Saturday. Mackey Weather's Drew Shannon News 93.1 kfbk, and we've got ranch Cordova at 90 GALT. Same 1993 in Rockland. Kitty O'Neil Here with your afternoon news as we check your business and money news in for Kelly Brothers and from Cap Trust as John Locke word well as the space race continues. Virgin Galactic completed the world's first space tourism flight this last weekend, but Interestingly enough, The stock continues to tumble down about 25% over the last five days, and some may feel that that's because they're actually releasing more stock. They're going to sell up to 500 Million more in common stock. Others feel like it may just be the old adage of buy the rumor and sell the news stocks mixed on Wednesday as investors shake off more inflation data today, the producer Price index showed a rise of 7.3%. You're over here in June, and companies have been passing on those prices to consumers. As yesterday we saw the consumer price index up highest level since 2008 final numbers on Wall Street today the Dow is up 181% of 44 points at.

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