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You do realize they have no evidence. He called anyone trail. 'cause i mean what actress. It wasn't on camera. While i was gonna say i mean the only people were talking about. It were natasha. She's dead in rhody so rhody keeps his mouth shut. Yeah i guess you're right and you know and again what what happened with john walker. Was it happened on camera. It happened on camera in on a bad day with a bad situation and that is not a good thing because obviously cops have to be held to a much higher standard. And you're like you're like. He was held accountable. What happened basically. He lost his job in his pension. That's it that is actually a lot when you don't have any other viable skill but a human being. I mean choose something job and your money. That is what happened to that is what normally happens to capture till people so to be fair. No he was listen. I'm say there was no way justice. I'm not saying no way justice but you say there was not an adjudication of his case in fact there actually wasn't an adjudication of his case. there was no court martial. He was literally just stripped of his rank and privileges by a Judicial body. I'm not saying it's not realistic. it is. I'm just saying you know what i'm saying. So and so and to give you a secondary aspect of it he's still completely open to civil litigation and could be held accountable in the world so actually are crimes that he could be held a counter forge in later stories. Yeah i don't know if that flag smasher had any family in to the most of these countries are like oh yeah. These people were terrorists. That i don't think they're going to be cool. Yeah that's that's the that's the that's the other aspect of it because of who he killed regardless of the that's the thing if you if you shot osama bin laden in time swear as he begged for his life. Would you necessarily be considered a pariah in society. Oh when people say that guy was a terrorist and he killed a bunch of people you know and that is that is the that is the thinking that leads down the past hydra cap and quite frankly because you wanna put people on a pedestal. Just if you wanna put see roger on a pedestal and say he couldn't make a mistake about working with john walker but then again we know in the comments john walker is a person who has had bad day still tries to be a hero. I'm not saying it's the right or wrong decision. The work which on walker all. I'm saying is i just. Don't see steve rogers doing it. I mean i. Maybe it's because i mean i talk a lot more. We tried to put steve on a pedestal. I'm just saying. I think just the way steve thinks because maybe because because he was born in the nineteen twenties He would seize this. John john walker is somewhat maybe unsavory it just well. No actually i think it would seem again this. Is this idea that everything about john. Walker on paper looks good. Oh i think i think. He's a very close african american friend. He's married a woman of color. He is definitely a person who is solid and dependable on every level. He has a lot of ptsd that he is not doing with. I said that is problematic for the killing okay. I might have given you that. But after john walker does that i think now especially. It's on cameras. You can watch him do this. It's like now but at the same time again. I said i you know. Hey hey you know. A lot of people do on camera why he was my control by the winter soldier. But also at that moment He's happed up on super soldiers here. So is there more to that story as well. Yeah might try by when you when you come into that question. What would what would. What would see rogers due at the end of the day. What i would say is steve. Rogers would give john walker. Lewis says so you're saying baki by there's no extenuating circumstances with bucky. Because he was mind controlled he was. There are extenuating circumstances with bucky because his mind control. I'm saying that that same idea of extenuating circumstances can be applied to john walker in that moment to join that john walker controlled though. Well he's half two super soldiers on unsealing super soldier serum that which he took himself no enforce that super soldier. Same autumn mind control was horrified. Him no one forced john the put that ceremony in his blood but also. Hey hey hey hey phil phil cap work with scarlet witch. Yeah but. I don't think he knew that. No no no no. No cap worked with witch cap looked at started which said i understand. You went through a lot. And i am willing to give you that second chance. I understand you almost killed the entire population in the. I also understand. You killed a lot of people and mind control all my friends and caused all this death and destruction. I am willing to look back. Pass that because i understand you had a bad day meant to be there. We don't know about taps bad day kill voltron. Who did she kill. An agent voltron. Yeah you're saying he gave. Who did she kill. I don't know how many people did kill when he was mind controlled how many i mean. Hey we just saw invincible. My friend those those wars are not. And hey guess how. Many people died in segovia a guarantee. It's at least three. You can't blame kobe on her. That was altron. She helped old trump the entire time. She was a part of that up until the very end. She is actively a part of all transplant until she finds out what it is share but the fact of the matter is is that she ended up until that point. She is more than happy to see. All the avengers die. definitely tony. Stark condi- she is not pulling her punches. At any point in that story up until she was. Oh i don't wanna kill everybody So no cap is willing to overlook people's bad days so like i said cap giving john walker second chance makes absolute perfect sense in my mind for steve rogers. Here's tell you freaking. Sam wilson. Give john walker a second chance when john walker shows up him and bucky are fighting alongside him working together because they know this guy understands what he's here to do. He knows he made a mistake. He's willing to redeem himself. Well that made a.

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