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Zero. I band movie coming out Ryan Gosling playing the part of Neil Armstrong. The film is fiction, obviously because this is based on Armstrong story how we went to the moon. Now, we got back safely that kind of thing. Plenty of technology to go to the moon and bring him safely back to earth. Not nobody died unless you count Gus Grissom dying on the pad, but that was that wasn't going to died on earth. So going to the moon and back pretty easy back in the nineteen sixties going to the moon. Now, not easy technology not being able to build it in time. And guess what? Guys, something's happening. We we got. This report today seventeen scientists often report stating that searching for signs of life should be part of every future. Nasa mission. And this briefing was sent out by the national academies of sciences engineering and medicine. Basically emphasizes the importance of including Astro biology, the study of how wipe originated on earth, and how it might evolve. Elsewhere in the universe in every phase of all Naff emissions destined for space from inception and conceptual is from inception. Conceptualization the planning development and operations. So now, it's obvious as to why nother story today, and this is this is out of Russia's. So there's still some sketchy things going on with this one so Russians found these colliding stars. And they were going. Wow. Look how cool these colliding stars. Are they're going to collide completely you know by twenty twenty two. Interesting to look at. And so then they said, well, we're going to look into one of the laser interferometer gravitational wave observatories, and we're going to find out just how these things sound, right? And so they got the sound. And this is the sound that got now pay attention because it's all coming together quite nicely. Listen, listen to this. This is the sound they picked up from this. These stars colliding..

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