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The you don't like dragon ball when they were like kind of fused into one. Make now a hispanics causing panic. Turn your camera on killing killing my showman. Nobody move my cameras on jan. No you not let me see. I think i'd be getting you see you know where he tells me. I'm not on cam. His cam is messed up. Call cam. I seem with the nineteen. Ninety-two microphone. I see them right. There shots fired see. He's is a skype logo for me. He's not there. I see the background box. Voice logo the head five gray shirt about the change. Your shirt man woman. The i'm see. What sir i don't know why doing i can't see them left. That means to give job chip. Not he's back. Yeah no. I jumped out to see why wasn't letting me see you but now i'm back in your back and i can actually see you face. I yes yes. I do see skype. Local on on red weird. It'll switch switch switch. It'll switch is good now but anyway let's just take it from the top man. Obviously i didn't get to hear your guys take on joe joyce's performance versus carlos tackle. I actually did a live. Show called the action live with With our good friend my But you would you say man. What can i say bro. Jojoy i've i've been for george joyce and i've been calling joy. Joyce is gonna be the next chance for a long time. And he's he's the juggernaut he's able to hit you and hit you in overwhelming until he puts you out now. I'm not gonna say that. I can't agree with some that. Might believe that the fight might have been stopped a little too early. I kept looking at what was going on and trying to see what tackle how tack them fell throughout the whole barrage and to be honest with you completely honest with you out of that whole barrage. Four shots We're the ones that are most impactful and they came in one twos and After that last one too that he took before the ref jump there. But i thought he was still okay. I think he was rolling with the punches. He was able to perry punches. You know some of the Punches we're landing on the on the shoulders but when you when you got like what. Was it like thirty unanswered punches. And you're just taking them on their. You're putting yourself in a position to let the ref make a decision. Now if he would've through more shots in between those shots maybe this could have gone different but you know thirty some shots i mean come on you know a the ref is only gonna wanna make sure that you're okay so i was okay with it. You know i was okay with it. In one in one regard and then the other regard i'll say man georgia's probably could've still been in there for another few rounds but if if that was a How do you say a pre. A preview to what was arrested of fight was going to be like. You know the remainder of the fight. Then he would've gone down anyway man because you know those those are a lot of combinations without firing back and joseph freaking. He hits hard he cracks so for. How long is george. Choice can continue to have this game plan where he takes your best shots right. He hit you with hammerfest jab and then in the middle rounds like ticked starts to take over. And how long can you really do that at heavyweight though you know i question like. Is that a winning formula against josh. Even wilder. I don't know but.

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