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Jacco way john elway's father when i coached out at stanford back in nineteen eighty uh i seventy nine eighty of john was our quarterback his a sophomore junior year and uh our first year out there uh john was playing baseball for the stanford cardinal went to the baseball game was a cold wet damp day very few people in the stands john elway was planned right field came into the stadium and i saw this gentleman huddle up next to the press boxy at a big hood on a big heavy jacket andy kind of way for me to come up and i didn't really recognize him and i walked up into the stands in i pulled down the top of the parka and introduced himself on jack l way on the head football coach at san jose state at the time and i'm here to watch my son john play baseball here have a seat next to me so we sat and watched maybe half an inning and then he said to me said you know head coach george san jose and i understand that your quarter of your son's a quarterback at palo alto high school and i understand he had a very good year this last fall in maybe you could tell me a little bit about him and imia give me a heads up and so i went into might coach speak you know the coach speak well you know he's may be this and maybe doesn't do this and maybe he could do this a little bit better night's mentioned about two different things and he took his hand and slapped in on the bench and he looked at me and he pointed his finger right at me said enough enough about that and i looked at him like wow this is this is interesting and he gave me one of the greatest pieces of advice i ever had as a parent and something that followed me along through parenting my own children and then into parenting and being part of grandchildren children and here's the advice he gave me stop he's good i've watched him he's good he's got talent he's going to have a lotta.

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