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To run his podcast like a hundred million dollars they've pretty popular I listened to him time to time usually if it's a guest on there that I am particularly interested in like I just downloaded the new episode he Rogan has on Steve strip and Michael imperial yeah from the sopranos genco stars on sopranos leave the Chris Michael Peoria with please Chrissy and then Steve trip I think played big P. he never had any was also the guy who played Christie by Michael it yet only it was also the dojo master on the office yes Sir William all right so Joe Rogan might get cancelled now we hear about this no I don't think he cares he is in some hot water after a video a clip of him have surfaced of him laughing well a friend and fellow comedian Joel coco de es Joey spoke to him about allowing female comedians to go on stage unless they performed an act on him again this was a clip from twenty eleven on Joe Rogan's podcast where Joey coco Diaz has said he would let females on stage and mostly female comedians on stage mostly performed an act and the people are upset because Joe Rogan laughed at that how we doing car what are you doing now I don't see it you don't see a salon in their company isn't over okay it is interesting how they are able to go back in time now right and that becomes the limit is how far back in time can you go and still be held accountable for you have to click on the program right that's the gateway into coming to Hollywood everybody knows that how many girls you have the all twenty I had this open Mike check dogs that used to come up to the company's goal with twenty and just pick me up with who said she was tremendous so I mean you're losing all click very misogynistic could very I mean you could not get away with that in twenty twenty and apparently he's not getting away with that that sounds more to me like a about coco de as problem than it does a Joe Rogan problem but because he laughed at that hammer there is a push to get him kicked out of his Spotify contract in quote unquote canceled imagine if you had a hundred million dollars on the lines and we go back and find an old clip from twenty eleven where you didn't even say it it was instability bush effect right and that's the thing right I mean it was compared drug I mean any person night any person walking the face of the freer you're gonna be able to find something on them that's it any age whatsoever where they did something in their past and and you're like I just I mean cancel culture thing blows my mind you hear it here's the thing if if they succeed in canceling Rogan I mean first of all he blasts trump he makes fun of people who wear masks he hates Biden he got into a big dust up just before this last week for the talking about how the media is completely ignored Biden's cognitive decline well yes Sanders guy he's he was the North Sea yes so so I mean he is I would say probably the most recognized quoted quote free thinker in modern media and and it seems like Howard Stern sort of have more of a point to the gender these days so I mean if Rogan got bounced from Spotify or in media mainstream platforms can go what's gonna wind up on like some older conservative platform and blasting the the politically correct puppets well so that we set for a while now and we said this in in many forms and fashions it never stops right the a lot of these people are never going to be happy until they've canceled the entire American way of life and when they start coming for even guys like Joe Rogan who is that outward this your support on everybody better pay didn't because they will get you eventually for something well I think progressives in the world culture need to look at it this way too is that what you really want this guy with that size of the audience exposing liberal control over media content one and here there seems like you want to keep Rogan is of the a thriving personality because the you know he gives all sides to a voicemail and he really does but here's the other thing that I do if you don't like it don't listen this is not in our public airwaves you have to see to find out just don't listen well I've got the the video games going into the video game hall of fame this year are you would you have back then when you were a kid why the tendo nineteen eighty nine Christmas nineteen eighty nine little rob Kendall came down in Santa left it nice nicely assembled even very what was with the members of the game Ole Yeller Mario RBI baseball baseball star super contra Super Mario ninja turtles the video games going into the hall of fame this year but jeweled what centipede huh minecraft there was a computer game in king's quest all of the games were chosen from among a field of twelve finalists here who did you did not make the cut this might make you upset Frogger didn't make NBA jam just to name a few did not make this years cut I think I put an entire year's worth of what was intended to be college educational parents money in quarters into the Pizza Hut and grounds not in welding frog is the classic right of yours to stand alone are you a little bit a bit so to this very okay with you okay all fans becoming like the baseball offenders let anybody at this point I love the NBA jam sauce all man yeah fires are coming out of the basketball so much fun so much fun coming up after four o'clock more on the bid will rally in Tulsa and this you know masks masks Disneyland mask the Disney world will love will explain coming up after four o'clock have you added up the total amount of credit card debt you owe don't be afraid to find out because it could all go away with the phone call a golden oak lending imagine the feeling of freedom when you owe nothing on credit.

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