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Okay. They're both large. Eddie, and I were different pretty tall guys. But I'm way larger than no, according to a raging idiots work. We'll get back to that. Still in it. Eddie, ready come on. What's the name of the closest star to the? What's the name of the closest star to the earth? Star. Yeah. Really a star. Yes. Excuse me. I'm sorry. I'm using. What's the name of the closest star star to the earth? Star tricky measles like a celebrity. Good. Oh, gosh. I. Galileo Galilei a human. I don't I can't even start Nova Nova Cazenove can I get bonus. You win. Oh, go ahead. Oh, sorry. It is. Yeah. Against all the. Yeah. The Sunday Star. And there's your winter. Yes. I feel so dumb right now. Yeah. Trai? Easy trivia, does it feel like a victory because it's like you'd miss one. I know but the question like it's like wasn't that hard. No. It's like you survived a drowning..

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