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To see Tyler Malli. You made some big strides last year. Yeah, I am, too, Tommy, and I think it'll be interesting to see just the adjustments that he's made in his game. We saw a little bit of that in spring training. Much tighter breaking ball last year that we saw him better against left him. He's ready to go. We're ready. Hope you enjoy it. Let's play valley into his wind up first pitch of the game is taken strike of the needs of Tommy Edmund and we are underway. Today's tip Star game time temperature is 66 degrees. Get complete home comfort with an energy saving high efficiency tips are heating and cooling system. Find your local Tim Star dealer. Tim Start Kom Tin Star quality You can feel Valley pours a strike over the heart of the plate at the knees to Edmund. He's quickly ahead nothing into Admit a switch hitter there left handed with one for five on Thursday in the opener, No to pitch. Many fouls it back still no balls and two strikes. Early last year went to and two had a 3.59 e R. A Started nine games for the Reds struck out 60 and walked 21. Really, really made some good adjustments and Of those adjustments. They really helped him against left handers Theo to pitch in the dirt inside cowboy. He was so much better against left handers. Then he had been in years past. It's remarkable. You look at his opponents batting average for left handed hitters. It was 2 75 and above last year Was it to 82 or 2019 to 8 to last year was a 1 76. I mean, that's a heck of a Wait, improve. I mean, over 100 points. 12 pitch, Edmund lifts one of the air left field fairly well hit playable. Though Linker drifts back, he'll make the catch. Well shy the track Edmund's out number one. I think a lot of the success for Malli against left handed batters is not just because of the split finger, but because he's tightened up that breaking ball so much that he's getting some awkward swings. He's always had the fastball that he's gonna use up and down. Better breaking ball. And the more efficient use of that split fingered kind of change up that he uses his really helped him a ton. Matters. Paul Gold spent who had a heck of an opener went four for five, including a double. Had a pair of those actually an R B. I scored three times, and he takes the first pitch strike for Mellie Goldsmith, not fans. He just sits up there takes the pitch, stays right in the box, waves the bat a couple times and waits for no. One over the outside corner Valley quickly ahead, A Goldsmith just as he was Edmund. No balls and two strikes. Redd's with a pretty honest arrangement against Goldschmidt, at least on the infield India on the right side of second, but deep Center fielder Nick Wynne, shaded the right way low and outside of the fastball from Valley. It's falling two strikes, You almost have to play gold spit. In a normal defensive alignment because he hits the ball with authority from land aligned. I mean, not a lot of hitters do that this day and age. Valley back home. The 12 pitch up in a way, Goldschmidt takes the count's even two balls. Two strikes. Reds dropped the opener. After the Cardinals scored six in the 1st 11 6 the final in that game. The red spat certainly Alive and well, here's the 22 pitch in the dirt outside and now, Malli after jumping ahead, Owen to is seeing the count run full. Yeah, really Signal given by Barnhardt, Mellie. That's the sign and deals. The payoff swinging a mess struck him out. It wasn't a strike. It was down in away from Goldsmith. But he went after it, and Malley has his first strikeout of the afternoon. All right. Well, that is.

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