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I also wanna see again when you brad vert that story about what's coming next for windows ten you guys mentioned a home advanced version of windows ten and i'm curious if that shows up somewhere yeah right so will windows ten pro workstation being there i don't believe it's in the list today product i don't think so because you can get it from the store right if you and if you great done at shrieking go back to the store and to say install and it's maybe windows ten home advanced will be the same thing maybe i don't know i don't know that's what i'm waiting to find out i don't know i i was getting excited looking at the new dell fifteen experts fifteen which is going to offer the new ninth generation intel processors can offer a ten i think at ten fifty nvidia chip but instead of doing that leo consider this by surface studio with a generational chips that yeah and it's us forty two hundred bucks this is throwing it out as an alternative i love the service studio man i love it but i wouldn't i really wouldn't want a game on it that should be an amazing game machine you know it really next one i see samsung as a new one it's with the eighth generation these new core i nine's wanna talk about them at all or just briefly i mean you know the eighth generation intel chipsets up are apparently generation that is occurring over several generations.

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