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A former australian rules footballer of nigerian descent is taking legal action against the sport's governing body for alleged racial sexual and religious discrimination joel wilkinson says the abuse was a continuous breach of human rights on insists that racism is rife in australia's most popular professional sport it's thought to be the first case of its kind in the country from sydney film mercer reports walk eight was trying to make me feel all calls a little kid a little black kid a little just face it in two thousand and fourteen joel wilkinson appeared in an antidiscrimination adverts sponsored by the australian football league afl the former goco suns player religious that the league's public stance on racism is very different from what he says is a much darker reality he insists that is career ended because he was so outspoken about the abuse he endured he's taking his case for compensation to australia's human rights commission after talks with the afl failed to reach an agreement on here because i won't be silenced anymore and what has happened has been a continuous breach of human rights i have suffered extreme racism during my time in the nfl and post my career from the ifo until this very mockery was taken from me my rights violated due to racism religious vilification and racially motivated sexual harassment the afl said in a statement that it was sorry the ex player had suffered experiences of racial abuse during his time as a footballer and then it was committed to resolving his complaint film us in sidney now debbie has some other stories from on his desk the authorities in mexico have arrested a third suspect in the kidnap and murder of three films students whose bodies were dissolved in acid mexico's interior minister alphonse never at said the man had adopted a false identity and moved across several states before he was caught in the central city of matter peg police believe the students were kidnapped by a drug gang that mistook them for members of a rival cartel the three young men had been shooting a film in ranch near guadalajara the parents of a young woman who died of multiple organ failure.

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