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Well the dolphins. I think they signed a center recently but matt scurr being released. I know that adam schefter in rapid tweeted out. You know this was surprised but based on everything you heard camp. You know the pretty big salary and the dolphins current situation. It didn't really make sense to keep matt skirt and take those reps away from a guy. Like michael who this staff you know. Seems like they are all in on. And i think that's kinda why. I'm excited about low. Now coleman like you said because they sat on michael deter you know. They told him the ins and outs and now he's going to go out there and start center for the dolphins so You know but metzger veteran presence will not offense. Line a little bit surprising jake. Yeah i think it's important to keep in mind the fact that you just said at josh. It isn't that big of a surprise based on what we're hearing in camp so when we think about the fact that you know someone like rapport adam. Schefter is calling it a little bit more surprising move I'm gonna put the call to action of two all dolphin fans out there to not get mad about it and say like no shit or anything like that for the sake of the matter that most people across. Nfl aren't focused on miami's backup center job So that's important to keep in mind there to to ramble the senate majority leader get a beard. It will feel much better about you. Josh you have a little bit of egg on your face. Takim grant is on the roster however he is restructured voids up to three million dollars. I think he can actually make up to three million dollars in the final years of his contract. So josh i was up over grant but i mean mighty mouse came in and proved deserves a spot on this roster. Yeah they clearly you're going to run to punt return system that we alluded to and you know I do definitely a value on my face. I went out on my way to make that toy story. Joke and shame on me. But i'm excited to see what you can do like adam beasley. The pro. football never reported. This contract is up to three million dollars avoids the final two years of his contract. So you know. It almost seems like the dolphins are going to move on from taking grant after this year. It sounded like they were trying to trade him but to restructure had that playmaker another souped up car in the dolphins offense. No why not for two thousand twenty two yet josh. A little side note here. I was listening to the ringers. Nfl fantasy castles those guys. They're absolutely hilarious. But they had peter schrager on and he kind of. I don't want to say you don't maybe showed us and a little bit But he started talking about and he's admitted this on the show he started talking about. How useful Chatting with guys within the dolphins and he heard that jalen waddell from the start was the guy that the dolphins wanted. I know he kinda wanna sit year and have that idea of you know they just kind of took wildly was day they wanted chase they wanted pits Or on the other side. You're trying to be that homer van. Of course they wanted wild but this gentleman seems like the guy that ryan floor is wanted just the sake of going back to him playing that national championship game. If you are a ringer person or you know you a fantasy guy goal is that podcast strictly for peter shaker to be on talk a little bit about that scenario and made me feel so much more confident about what jalen waddles gonna be an in terms of his volume with this group. And i have to say josh based on what i heard i mean joan while is going to be back there returning punts and kicks in. It'll be interesting to see how often they're splitting time with jackie. Because i mean these are two guys that can take to the house over. That's another situation. I had egg on my face. 'cause i mean i'll be the first one admit i was pretty high on devante. Smith liked jalen. Waddell did but never in my life. You know thought that he was going to be all star play. This is game change that so many people truly believe he's going to be jake. We're sitting here doing this podcast. It's not one thirty september first wednesday berry jackson. The miami herald is dropping. Some names for the practice squad. Read senate is now on their kirk merit. Jared dokes all made the practice squad. The dolphins also released safety jamal. Perry so we're trying to keep up to date with some of these news You know again. Shame on us for not doing a podcast. But i think jake a large part of the reason. We didn't come on here and talk about this. Podcast and talk about some of these moves in the game was because of the ongoing dark cloud that just continues to hang over this fan base head with at the shawn watson situation because it's truly picked up steam over the last few days and it was you know it was truly. It was like a car crash where he just could not look away but you just did not want to see any more of it. Just this will think confused me so much because yes. There's the shawn watson talks going on. Yes he has legal issues and this is also. We've been digesting months and so there a tweet that came out that said that the dolphins were front runners and it included the tip or eventually he added that is that the dolphins and texans have not engaged in talks in weeks. So just wanted. Did this blow up. Why did the back that. The journalists reporters say that they haven't spoken weeks. Why did this bullet right now. Why did brian for its shot of jeff darlington. Honestly if you're a dolphins fan you not following jeff. Dog did not whole chunk of your phantom is missing because darlington came out reported. That coach bryan floor is just addressed the team regarding recent reports of miami and a possible Shawn watson just the recent reports but all the information is so old..

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