Chairman, Sixty Six Hundred Dollars, Twenty Twenty Five Years discussed on MetroNews Talkline with Hoppy Kercheval


For an in wade floor sixty six hundred dollars for a an addition to a desk their first of all this is the first time you and i think i've talked about this what's your reaction to that kind of spending uh well hoppy ah i i guess like uh my reaction is similar to those of uh throughout the mountain state is well a little bit show you know at at some of that then what if anything should the legislature ju about that well as you know uh the legislature right now under our constitution is uh limited doing nine four he d actually over a with respect to the budget of the judicial branch of the donald now over the last uh twenty twenty five years there have been lots of conversation sort of editing employing about whether or not uh it's that uh lack of uh over style he is the in our constitutional s no i i flew a long time has believed that is uh at the federal system and then the vast majority of other states uh the legislature has final say on all uh budgetary matters including those involving the other branches of government it up heart of carefully crafted system of checks and balances between and among the branches of government and so uh there is actually those conversations are happening again uh and i think uh there is some willingness on the part of the legislature to examine uh whether or not the modern budgets meme article six section fifty one of our states constitution uh needs to be modernised did you specifically because you're chairman of judiciary committee you also have legislative experience you also.

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