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We've got Emory Sean, who's left Liverpool who I think is working his way towards the first team. I think he's an excellent player which begs the question now with our friend Aaron Ramsey signing than big money contract with Juventus. What do you think of that? Because he does not in a million years. I would've never said Aaron Ramsey's gonna go play for Juventus one day. But he's also a player that seemed like he never quite lived up to his potential at arsenal. And this might be the changing needs so injury issues at arsenal. Yeah. But I mean who doesn't what promising young midfielder doesn't have injury issues at arsenal. But when he gets in the team he is the point in a team with Ozal Ramsey was the more consistent player. I thought honestly less temperamental and easier to get along with. In the locker room. But. I mean, the move you reported numbers four hundred thousand euros a week. I thought I think it was fishes an unbelievable number for a guy like Ramsey. But you're getting a freeze on there's that in consideration. But but I'm curious to see how he is going to team, You you know, know. especially because. Is it may be that you've are kind of conceding that this might not be there. You're in next year's going to be the year. They're adding a big piece in Ramsey. But is he the piece that they need in order to take a perceived next step? I'm not sure if it's an interesting signing I could've used him today. When things weren't you know, he could maybe create that creativity. That detailer pianists weren't quite doing. I think. Yeah. I don't know. I think it might be exciting at the same time. You know, it's a little you've got a good few years. But he's already. He's a player that can pick up the ball in his own half in charge into the fields and make something happen. He's a good box box midfielder also can score some goals. Yeah. You've you've got this. You know, the cliche of of I guess players from the British Isles in that area. Not typically leaving to go play abroad. But you know, we got Gareth bale from Wales in in Spain. And we got now Aaron Ramsey over there in Italy. And maybe they're the adventures ribs. It your Ramsey's Welsh's. Well, he's well. Yeah. Exactly. The Welsh brothers over there. The Welsh who just their adventurous, folk all travelers. I'm curious how how is it talion develops any word on how Gareth bale Spanish is doing? Now, he's just spent most of his time developing. His mad bun doesn't have time to learn other language. He's actually so much energy into growing his hair. I hear he. No, he communicates quite fluently with his hairstylist. But he only knows words in Spanish related to hair. Which leads to limited conversations, otherwise, but he spends a little anywhere else. Other than in the salon that it's it's it's fine. You on just mine. All right. As you say that that Sante that sunny free kick to me, absolutely gorgeous that Hsieh's ni. Save on grease means. Chip fantastic. And I mean, both games really delivered. Let's go Madrid Juventus was absolutely classy and fantastic. But a good come from behind. Shootout also fun to watch with city. And now, we're ready for the second leg the second and all around and soon enough. Man, every all we all need to get well rested, the next week and be ready to go because as I said that Manchester United comeback. It's going to take it out of emotion on time to sleep. Oh my gosh. Me too. I need an nap. Read as always a pleasure. And I look forward to chatting with you the week after next. Yep. Sounds good. Let's do it. In the meantime, as always you feel free to tweet at me at max Baril pods. Share your thoughts is your team still in it. Are they in it to win it? I wanna know. So anyway, we will we'll come at you March fifth Tuesday, March fifth will be the next episode, then we'll have game another game on Wednesday the sixth and then Tuesday and Wednesday the twelfth and thirteenth will carry us through the round of sixteen and then we will have the quarterfinal draw which I eagerly anticipate. But we I games before then and until those games that is the end of stoppage-time.

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