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Twitter if you want to climb in rocket has the nightly news where you have was rocket all right i first up all right you say all right like oh i gotta do nightly news now no no i'm gonna how they wanna make sure his damn bud was work and book any way burst a man the newest members of the baseball hall of fame were announced a day and chipper jones vladimir guerrero jim thome and trevor hoffman are officially hit its coopers to who jim thome you know to a how do you say it can told me okay dim me rock anyway mass it under i'm sorry that i yeah and that's an exalted yeah away so so about a mouse so you're saying that hey clown orie on the show hey we need to be supportive we can make fun of each other now you made me dude damn nightly news and john of make fun of my pronunciation of these goofy as names out of israel on this are called jim thome from now until you should it's an zone it sounds like french by otis thorpe gyp though i'm ben with that don't anyway what about jim thome which you know that jim thome i got an essay math yet i'm nightly news by the way i'm not gonna read more days all right so he had with the with the baseball hall of fame class um for me i think the biggest news item out of this was where was barry bonds gonna be whereas roger clemens going to be just the ceregaza general i really don't i don't know how you feel about this rocket but i i don't i i don't get the whole steroid thing at the time most if not everybody who mattered was using it and i also think we this arbitrary we we we have this arbitrary designation for this is a performance enhancer verses this is just coffee protein like all of this stuff i mean if i was trick to try to do show without coffee i don't know how good joe is he with coffee borussia do showed how coffee and they would celic npr it'd be awful so all steroid thing i just feel like baseball has this baseball just has this just this this goofy sensibility rose steroids it's i.

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