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Oh, and we can't have that. Whether you're talking about voting rights or discrimination, lawsuits or anything else. So lots of areas for concern on the other side, Bill bars a lot better than what we have. Now. He's about a thousand times better than that Whitaker both ethically. Both as a skilled lawyer as 'institutionalised, and I understand that. It's not great from certain people's perspective to say, we'll someone is better than someone else. Can we do better? It's not clear to me. And I'm not saying that this is a good reason to support Bill bar necessarily. But it's not clear to me in the current climate with Donald Trump liking toadies surrounding him everywhere and often leading in place in an acting capacity. People who are heads of offices and heads of agencies. This is a professional person in all my dealings with him. I found it to be. Professional smart. I thought he quitted himself in some ways very very well during the hearing even on the issue of Muller oversight. He made it clear to a roomful of senators on national television that he will not be bullied by the congress by the press or by the president. I take him at his word on that. And he will do only what he thinks is right now the things that he thinks. All right. You might not agree with? But I still think that's a good thing. You know, the interesting thing that some other people have noticed as well about the bar testimony is that he said something good I thought, and that is that it would be improper for a president to attempt to intervene in any enforcement matter that touched upon someone close to him a family member or business associate and in fact, an attempt to intervene in such a case would be violation of the constitutional of that was said by Bill bar. The question arises has President Trump Ori committed that violation because if you believe the reporting he looks like he tried to intervene. With spectra, Michael Flynn. And maybe other matters. He also reportedly did that with Matthew Whitaker when he saw to ask the question. How can you rain in the SDN y prosecutors who bring the case against Michael Cohen? So whether it's with respect to Michael Flynn or Michael Cohen, Donald Trump, arguably has already breached the oath and his duty as articulated by his own AG nominee Bill bar as he said repeatedly. He's eight years old. He's had the job before he doesn't have a future in politics. He doesn't really need to be beholden to anyone in. So even though I think his views on presidential power a little bit broad. He does bring professionalism to the job. I think he's he's a better choice than Jeff Sessions was I think he's a dramatically better choice than Matt Whitaker remaining in place would be and look I'm taping this on Wednesday morning and the hearings preceding, but I agree with everyone else who says given the numbers in the Senate and given how he didn't have any particular gaps yesterday. And given the status quo of met Whitaker. He'll be confirmed in my hope is separate apart from concerns about him that he will distinguish himself and that he will do good things, and he will work with both sides of the aisle to bring about things like sentencing reform and civil rights improvements, and given his friendship and respect for which made very clear friendship and respect for about Muller. Does not think country with the president says the Bob Muller would engage in a witch-hunt. And also his clear statements that it would be his intent to make public the findings made by Bob Muller. I mean that that said he Bill bars, smart guy, smart, also clever, and he left himself wiggle room on all manner of issues, including the nature and substance of a report he would put out how much will be made public, but he would recuse. So we'll see I think there's some reason for cautious optimism, but I could be wrong. And then you can all yell at me hipeet. This is Sean O'Neil from Sholomo Massachusetts. Your show is simply superb. It seems to me Robert Mueller generating a lot of Antalya cases that will require support from the US attorney's offices at various districts, what kind of shape are those officers in under the Trump administration, and they ready to play catcher to Miller pitcher, Sean..

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