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To quit smoking but now he's going back to smoking. he says it made his nicotine addiction worse than what it was with cigarettes so yeah you you try to beat. you try to get the monkey off your back the monkey just gets bigger and heavier and now your call on your way back to the. original sin you know just to try to just to try to get even again we've we've talked about this before bed pick up what Wendy a tip. should you should you tip on pick up orders food and wine asked that question to the etiquette experts at the Emily post institute. twenty twenty there. they say that there is no obligation to tip for take out and I would agree the institute does suggest you tip ten percent for service above and beyond handing you the bag those examples include curbside pick up when you don't have to leave your car in large complicated orders even then I don't know if somebody's just running bag out to your car for curbside pickup. okay maybe maybe a little something something. discontinued snacks that people hope make a come back some day. do you remember three D. Doritos. do you Josh I. one user says I will trade memories of my childhood for the addicting every cheesy puffy taste of three D. Doritos in my mouth again it was basically yeah that's what it was it was if you imagine to Doritos that were like welded together there is like an air pocket between of yeah that's what it was okay yeah I remember these carnation breakfast bars what our nation I thought that was like but as of coffee additive like they made that they did and then they also made these breakfast bars these to make like breakfast shakes as well they say before all the other protein bars there were carnation breakfast bars the fan wishes they would come back he says the texture was like chocolate covered peanuts dust and that she would take one over a kudos bar any day. how about a crunch taters do you recall the crunch tater Frito lay made these crunchy potato chips with gag with the cowboys Gator on the front I don't remember I have no recollection of those oreo cake stirs I I don't think these were all that long ago basically keiki oreos. that sounds good I'll try that starburst fruit twists they look like twins lors became in classic starburst flavors and sounds kind of tasty is working who sat ring a bell yeah Halloween I think I was I think it was still trick or treating when those were given was nice this is this is the definition of of good luck I mean having bad luck but. king bad lucks asked to the third power an Oregon man is feeling very blessed he beat cancer recently. he actually he beat cancer twice not once but twice he's beat cancer now he just won the four point six million megabucks jackpot in Oregon. he chose his lottery winnings in one lump sum so he's going to get two point three I yeah I mean if you already have a cancer I'm not taking that lifetime Hey all not taken the over. I am not that by the way what not to belittle cancer any his fight or anything but that's a smart decision yeah. okay. lots of Americans apparently don't wash their gym clothes between workouts all this makes me want to gag. a new survey finds that thirty one percent of Jim going Americans don't actually wash their gym clothes between work out why wouldn't you. do you do you only have one set I mean come on it's not like a pair of jeans which you can let go for a couple months before you wash them says men are more likely than women well that that go figure to re use their dirty sweaty gym clothes thirty six percent of men do that versus twenty five percent of women. leave ladies and I know yoga isn't just women but it sure seems to be a lot of women. those who do yoga are the least likely to wash Jim close between sessions with thirty five percent saying they don't and then this is the one that makes me laugh followed by swimmers. thirty three percent say they don't sunless European in the pool once once the deaf and even if you are your. you're in constant motion swimming so you're you're doing kind of your own. agitator spin cycle. rinse release. you know like that woman with extreme food phobia has lived off of cheese sandwiches for nearly thirty years wait how does she not have severe malnutrition well my I have a my oldest brother was a lot like that throughout the growing up all he ever had ever at dinner was cheese sandwiches my mom packed his lunch for school it was cheese sandwiches at at the dinner table if it was in a cheese sandwich she was a grilled cheese sandwich and the only other exceptions that I recall him making was he would eat like French toast. but other than that she she claims she tries other stuff and she has a panic attack and her body begins to shake and she's terribly nervous when she tries to try to sample for free. we had all kinds of this world I know I I I actually we just recorded we recorded the special and all of them on TV and it was about people with weird and strange addictions and there was this woman who eats the foam okay cal chin that no other condition called pica. and she literally eats her couch phone. let's eat glass and all that stuff there are people there yeah they're they're people that eat all kinds of bizarre things it's. I don't know how you can not like virtually toxin yourself to death right especially with all the chemicals in the fall yeah all right well speaking of toxins and stuff like that I got to get out of here because I've been taking my my bowel cleansing solution for a couple hours now and I'm gurgling but nothing has gotten out of control yet but.

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