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Issue minor leaguer tabatha right now we're working through the he has yet to watch it he walked part of it and on the throw up just let me just set that up in the ponderosa video from this week one of the things that they did not not the spoil it is that jenna and michael star in cologne commercial for a new new cologne from ponderosa which hopefully does not smell like weasels yeah i mean we in a week we we completed our under oath video produces become the three even gone to the topic but we threw that commercial together and literally could you not our like we they don't know how they made it look so amazing because it did not work back going to realize it's it's incredible all right well john thank you so much for coming on with us in talking about everything that's going on and all the best to you and to sebastian in the future okay thank wrapping having to care by all ready there you have it jennifer bowman some problems with the ponderosa video sivas once throw up after watching it that's not good anyway good to hear from jenna and everything she was thinking we'll speak with michael in jest moment but first let me take a moment and thank one of our sponsors here today those are friends over at microsoft support furthest podcast comes from microsoft teams microsoft teams your hub for teamwork in office three sixty five microsoft teens digital workspace where teams can create collaborate and communicate authentically just like they would in the real world whatever your project is with work on a cologne video or anything there's so much to look after wouldn't be.

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