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We don't give up. Gene-o salamo never surrenders. So thank you. Thank you got a lot. I got a lot of emails. Gilbert loves to thank gino so gina gina was really nice guy persistent but a nice guy gave the f. one for the have one one relative joke. I got a lot of them. That the one. I think that people reacted the best to was my uncle. Bill does oversee my uncle johnny john. What's happening just. I'm trying to sell my car. Nobody's buying it. Is that many miles you got on it. They got one hundred and twenty six thousand miles on it. He said johnny. Nobody's going to buy a car with one hundred twenty six thousand miles on you. Know what you gotta do is a car in good shape. Yeah 'cause in pretty good. Shape says lower the odometer. You know how to do that. Just lower that oh dominator you lower the dominate. You sell your car so okay comes back the next week and see well johnny sell. Your car is in. i'm not going to sell. It only got thirty two thousand miles on it you go. It's not quite false teeth in the vagina. I gave you bring back conard. You can do the false t. I did do that. Whole steve okay. That's number one. That's the first year you are. Welcome here anytime. We're we're we're so glad that it finally happened. No is great on the most resourceful guest we've ever had which we appreciate and again we appreciate david at at patches sound gilbert if you have no other offensive material share although you are talking to the man who offended jack ruby. Yeah don't ever say tits in front of jack ruby. all right. what do we think gottfried all gays. I'm gilbert godfrey just been gilbert godfrey jr amazing colossal podcast with my co host. Frank santo padre. We've been talking to miss that cut. Tare gabe kaplan and the guest. I worked with for a change on this day and show gave a pleasure as it was eight years ago or nine years ago whenever we did that gig right. It was a lot of fun guys. I think i wrote you too. Many eliot spitzer joke. So i think i use one fourteen i of my life story. We appreciated appreciated this. A lot in the fans are going to love it and honestly come back anytime right. Well you got a door policy here on this show. Okay bell. Thank you i got. I got a great story about dr mud. Lincoln joke see you next week. All.

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