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This guy right here like a new person. He said Jim Russell as of seven o'clock last night. Totally unbeknownst to this show even discussed it. From twelve until three in the afternoon yesterday. Didn't make mention of the fact that he himself had found his way in a barbershop becoming the first person on this show. And perhaps extra thirteen sixty mazing to get his haircut. Now! There's nyu keeping secrets from his ma'am. This whole thing didn't happen to materialize until about three fifteen so. That's why I didn't say. Oh I'm going to hurt because I. didn't know if I was going to get a haircut. Three fifteen I looked up some places I found. One place in. elko hone. That was nice barbershop very very highly rated. Or Nine Oklahoma on Oklahoma Boulevard. Excuse me very. Very big difference very highly rated. Checked it out. They posted on their social media that they were open and that they were taking all the precautions needed. Set up an appointment online. And went in and everything was great. Glenn got a haircut went to an unfamiliar barbershop. The desperation level so high so. Last until you found a spot that you wanted to go to or that, you were more familiar with or spot. That maybe has provided sponsorship opportunities open took the precautions now. Do you think Darren it's in part due to the Mockery received firm from you and I when he? Texted us that picture I wasn't mocking I. Didn't I looked all that I was shocked. It, just because now listen. You're the well groomed captain of this show, but Jim Jim Russell he's he's for the most part usually pretty well groomed as well and I, saw that Scott and it looked like he looked like a caveman caveman caveman. He did yeah I didn't yeah. I thought it was okay. Look it was the worst luxury. Straight Caveman. Interesting again I don't know that I'd want to be compared to the saxophone player from standout ballot. But. You just got to deal with that. You just gotTa deal with that. Everything comes back into fashion at some point. Well Jim. Why don't you tell us about your experience? Because I'm guessing here in a male dominated listening audience, not exclusively, but in a male dominated listening audience. I don't know how many people agreed with you. When you declared about a week ago that you would prefer to get a haircut, then have sports back. For the barbershops return before sports you were you were struggling could care less about the team struggling I wanNA kiss you. But you now I think are amongst the very first certainly here at Iheart and I could tell to I can i. just say this can i. just aditorial is real Jack. Was a bit envious of Jim he really was. You could hear it in his voice. Even though we've been separated now for forty nine shows seventy days seventy days since the governor, she declared the I stay at home orders at seventy days ago today ten weeks ago today. He was a Little Bit Envious of Jab and I don't know if it's the way Jim looked, or it's just. The Gym got in. WHO's probably the partnership. It was a little bit of both, said well describe it. The experience was like and how different it was from last time, any of us went in and got a haircut. Well one everyone's wearing a mask and gloves everything that they used for my haircut. They were like sterilizer sanitized before they used it on me. So all the brushes they sanitized all the combs. They sanitize the clippers. They like sanitized before they used it on me and every other seat was taken so usually..

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