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I think they will cover. I I can't go out there and pick them to win man. I mean, Bama doesn't make mistakes. Like if a team's great like state is really talented, but they make a bunch of mistakes. Bama didn't give you a back door win. They don't make mistakes except occasional specialty punt block last week that kept me money in the first half in a degenerate special. But that line coming down tells me, there's some big money. Now, it didn't cross a key number twelve is not a key number in gambling. But this is. Is going to be the biggest test for sure for Alabama this year. LSU we know had no chance they have no offense. Georgia's got some players. They got a quarterback. I think clay Travis is with me on this. We did discuss this on lock it in yesterday. I think George is going to be a live dog here, man. I will sign I really like their dominant dynasty, and you don't play close games. You're averaging thirty five point wins fourth quarter. You look up and into three point game. Number two two is up late in the fourth quarter. Yeah. So you get you. There is a possibility of Georgia hangs Bama gets tight finally NBA over the weekend. Mondays headline this special for joy and Colin. I know you guys I love this gentleman. You know, the phrase foregone conclusion right away with that. Okay. I think Monday's NBA headline will be MVP is a four Braun conclusion. Have you looked at the numbers guys know LeBron's off his best scoring start in eight years. Really? He's carrying yet. Twenty eight point one points per game. Wow. Absolutely carrying the Lakers. And joy, Colin let me know who am I missing in the MVP discussion. James harden? Forget about it. Okay. As not happening. They stink. Steph Curry's been injured. Kevin Durant played. Well, but I don't know. I don't think they're gonna give him the MVP award media doesn't like we know that who's left Jaanus. Joel Embiid Amtel about time. Four Goodwin in every year. This feels like a good year for LeBron. I mean, Russell Westbrook's been in and out of the lineup pulled Georgia's actually been better than Westbrook this year. I think it's LeBron turns thirty four I believe one month from now Colin MVP for LeBron in LA for bron- conclusions. Pretty funny. Yeah. I I will say this this whole thing about hey, let's shifted around. They have like Lonzo with a ball. It's like you watch the Lakers last night. I quarter fourth-quarter lebrons. Life fellas. Brad out my rock. Yeah. All score. Like, let's just let's stop pretending anything other than what LeBron does. He's going to do here. I feel like Colin half our business is an -ticipant figuring out. What's next where things are going? And LeBron right now is playing so well, I have a feeling he's going to get another title not this year. But if you watch him he's like inviting free agents, hey, come play with me. We can do this. I I can't believe I think LeBron's going to get another title in LA. He's played so well right now, it's absurd. Okay. Jason.

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