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The day's first guest dr steven campbell family medicine physicians at the evert clinic shoreline failed in medicine men's health she had and men as a group were without being to uh pending us with two brought up a brush we we tend to avoid going to the doctor when we probably should rod russia if it's true i mean men tend to avoid going to the doctor and she's the women in our lives that are saying you need a physical or you need to guinea that checked out his main always like all go away i'll give us the time o go away all do it tomorrow i'll take care of it later i mean we have this weird fear about going to the doctors but we need to get there and have a conversation i don't like to go to the doctor doyle like to ask for directions and mnet vote liberal i'm going to the dentist after the ivic betsy across the gas axes men orient's all you guys out there we love to have you on the show are i hear his she added add dr campbell dr campbell thank you for joining us here on komal health talk hour you pay great thanks it's a pleasure to be here yeah you're with the ever clinic in a family physician tells about your practice sure so i joined the everett clinic about a year and a half ago i am of family physician i previously in my first eighteen years of practice was with the mayo clinic in southern minnesota however i want to return to the west coast as i'm a west coast kid so i practice at our brand new facility in shoreline just across the king county line brand new building we have lots of space laatste lots of room for patients so if people are looking for a new doctor in the area we have lots of openings in having out several clinics in the everett snohomish county myself the atlantic has really expanded last couple of years i mean you're in shoreline i think you're in bothell when veal mill creek i mean you guys really any we are and we're now part of a large organization called the.

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