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You pair it with a Polynesian sauce from Chick-fil-A? I'm all in with those two sauces beat me. How is it possible? That Mel kiper has never been to a scouting. Combine before apparently wasn't allowed in the building. I don't know if there was some sort of grudge if you set the wrong thing, but this is the first time he's been allowed in the building. According to all my God, he has a basement where he has seventy TV's, and he sees every inch of that. Combine he's never physically been there. But he sees things. Trust me, who do you wanna talk to about this Schefter for reporting that this was Kuypers. I combine or Kuyper for. At his I combine I think hyper for being. It was not sure milk, hyper wants to talk to me. This certainly not today. No luck going on well mentioning the lot going on here in Miami this season. Okay. This has been the farewell tour Draymond green once famously said to Paul Pierce through trash talk. They don't love you like Kobe. You're not Kobe. But yesterday after the game he was saying how amazing it is to see that. The Wayne Wade is still playing well at this age that he's not embarrassing himself. He's not out there like Dirk Nowitzki running around. Everybody wants him to retire. Doc Rivers is stopping games to get him to retire. Adam silver's ripping him during the all star game. It's it's not it is I did not think Dwayne Wade's game would age. Well, because I thought that kamikaze style like with Russell Westbrook's guts when it loses its athleticism you've seen. Russell Westbrook is a horrific three point shooter by volume and that went as he as he physically deteriorates because he can't have as prime forever. I don't think that the Russell Westbrook game is going to age very well. But Wade is still out there not embarrassing himself and this entire Miami Heat season. Even though they're six games under five hundred is about getting Dwayne his moments filling that arena with people celebrating and saying goodbye, Dwayne Wade on of the five best shooting guards ever three best one of the three best easily easily easily one of the five best in my mind. Easily one of the three best. But there's a Lakers fans will argue I don't Jerry West and Coby Bryant he had that moment last night. I mean, I don't know if he can get any better for twain, wait this season. His final season. That was a great to beat that team at home in front of his fans in his city with that ridiculously bad shot. I mean that was that was a moment that was a moment. But you're right for most of the game. He was great right up until that last shot. And then he was but it went in. I mean, he was pretty great at the end to God's. He was that was that arrived in the last shot. He was great, man. Wade has been weighed has been making shots like that the entire time. Ridiculous shots that shouldn't go in. There's probably an element of luck there. But he had the poise although Billy calls it panic to top of the key. It was a terrible possession. Miami Heat are limited and constipated offensively. And at the end of games when things get tight and Golden State had come back from down twenty and Igwe dollars in the game. And they're just knocking the ball away from everybody. Plump Dion waiters is running around out there thinking of thinking about what he could get at the chocolate fountain a golden corral after the game. And he passes it off to Duane. Wade who bottles the ball. And look there were two defenders on it seemed I don't know how this happened. Mike can someone explain this to me the Miami Heat had the basketball and every time someone got the basketball? They were double team. So I'm pretty sure there were ten warriors on the court yet. We're actually showing if you're watching on ESPN news or showing the possession over and over again. Yeah, they're two defenders going out waiters waiters gets a pass. And there were two other defenders on Wayne weight who's just like five feet away from Dion waiters. How do they have eight people on the cornea? Sure, I saw monta Ellis running around out there. I was confused. I just saw wave upon wave of warriors. Ascending on the..

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