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This is like cigarette smokers, so less people are smoking they claim it's for your health. It is to get revenue backup. So they charge the people that are still smoking more money to do it. Same thing. Revenues are down. Let's charge of people that are still using the gas more to even things out. I'm just not sure I believe revenues are down. But that's not why they're doing it. They keep saying it's about bro. Bridges, roads and infrastructure. What I wanna see was it five years ago. Ten years whenever the last gas tax hike was under the guise of fixing the roads. Okay. What did you fix between? Then. And now every five years we hear we can't fix anything without raising taxes. What have you fixed? They repaved two lanes for a section of I sixty four, but they didn't widen it to three here we go. You know, the governor by the way has said this this story somebody sent me this to me the Odom era. Essay Oldham newspaper Oldham county newspaper that would be mine newspaper of note. Yes. Mine too. I would prefer the Odem era before I'd read the career journal to say except their crossword puzzles too small on the yeah, it's tiny. Because well, that's because it's a small town newspaper. So the cross the cross word is small. I need bigger fonts now. I'm sorry. He's got the guy your eyeball glasses. Governor Bevin says he will make sure widening is seventy one stays on target. Kentucky. Governor Bevin said that he would make sure widening interstate seventy one in Oldham county stays on target the autumn era asked Bevan about the interstate project at a meeting with community journalists yesterday. He said it is on track. Quote. There is a methodology in the road plans. Both the two year at six year road plans that is somewhat set in place. There is some latitude. But for the projects that size, not a lot of change in timing. So he says that there we're going to get a third lane. And I said he won the problem is it won't matter till you add a third lane on I seventy one from the Watterson all the way downtown that all you're doing is moving the goalposts. It's all you're doing anyway back to the gas tax. How many times have I brought this up super, Dave? I'm gonna do it again because well, I have a platform. I might as well, look, I'm advocating for you, the taxpayer here, I'm trying to save you some money. There are some ideas, we could use revenue towards these things I'm telling you man, if a sports venue can sell its name for tens of millions of dollars a bridge can sell its name for tens of millions of dollars last time. The governor was on he pooh-poohed my idea when I said, we should have the KFC Lincoln bridge. He said I nobody's gonna pay for that. Really? When you have eight forty when you have NewsRadio eight forty W H A S broadcast. Fifty thousand watts to the entire Kentucky Anna area, saying the KFC bridge every time we do a traffic report. That's not worth something to KFC. Are you freaking kidding me? When you say the PepsiCo highway every time and it hit the PepsiCo Waterson. Every time in a news report in a traffic report. That's not worth something. Are you kidding me? Of course, that's worth millions of dollars. I'm telling you, you could literally over time hundreds of millions of dollars or revenue right there. He because I use the example that Virginia built rest areas with Geico. And he was like is the least of our worries zoning rest areas, you're not getting the point governor. You had a business step up and say, we'll build your rest areas. If you let us put signs up, that's all they got. They got signs. That's it. I thought the Virginia saying was weird though, meet a creep in fifteen minutes or less. I thought that was a little off the Mark. Well, that's take that up with Geico. 'cause they got to do their marketing. Anyway. What are you saying about rest areas nothing? If a bad reputation. Well, see gyco clean them up. I dropped my cheese peanut butter crackers that just left him. Why did you take? Geez. Gregor's into the rest area bathroom coming back out at you. Do you see bass in there is that what happened? Oh my gosh. But see, that's that's one way to raise revenue the other way to raise revenues raised. The speed limit raises Beland put eighty to eighty miles ad that third damn lane and eighty miles an hour on is seventy one. I see I see four and I seventy five I sixty five I twenty four all the interstates interstate raise that speed limit raise the speed limit on wider roads, like US twenty-seven US one twenty-seven US sixty where it's wider and has an actual shoulder raise that speed limit and make it sixty miles an hour people will consume more gas, they'll pay more in gas taxes without having to raise their gas prices. Why is it that the legislature will hear ideas like this and blow them off? And I think we'll go the easy route and raise people's gaffe dead. Why that's what they've always done. It's what they know. I do not get it. So anyway, we'll keep an eye on this. There's no official legislation yet. And the legislators that are talking about it or saying, they don't know whether it'll come this session or not. But hey, I might as well pepper the ground a little bit and make sure people know about it. So you can call your legislator and say, hey, don't you dare raise my gas tax. I'm taxed enough already. Thank you, by the way, for taxing my puppy Republicans. Thank you, by the way for taxing me having to replace my transition. My transmission Republicans. Thank you for doing all that. I don't think I need a gas tax increase as well. So I look I agree with Dave. Let's have let's have a posting of all the projects that we've gotten and why we don't have any revenue in there. And let's see an accounting of that. Why didn't we fight harder? Why didn't our state leaders whoever? They might have been at the time. I think it would have been Bashir the governor and Yarmouth. Yarmuth. You know, Representative Marvin the Martian why didn't they fight harder to get part of the stimulus package to build those bridges. So we don't have to pay tolls. Why didn't he why didn't they fight harder? Part. Didn't I say far? Did I say why didn't you? Oh, my talk show host went into fort mode. Why didn't he fight harder to get that stimulus package money in Kentucky? I think for the roads and bridges you combined origin need to be fired. Now is that right? What happened I use NewsRadio eight forty h. Gas tags. Iheartradio is given wonks their.

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