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As long as this this kid can take it as long as he wants to do it i hope this lawsuit goes forward i really do i hope that the school doesn't just say oh gosh i think we got ourselves in a bad position here because it should be a shot across the bow to the rest of the wisconsin schools wisconsin schools are run by a bunch of progressives who believe that their politics are the way everybody should be thinking and that anybody who disagrees with their politics is a bad person doing bad things that's why this kid was was suddenly treated as if he were a pariahs if he were a delinquent in school he's been wearing these shirts now he's told he can't wear the shirts he refuses to take the shirt off he's the bad kid he gets sentenced to solitary confinement where he's not getting any of his lessons taught to him he's the one being treated like he did something wrong he didn't do anything wrong he's been wearing the shirts all year changing the rules on the fly that's doing something wrong having teachers adults trying to make a seventeen year old kid feel like crap and belittle this kid from what i was told from his mother to his face and in front of other students that's wrong shoving your politics on everybody's throats using taxpayer resources to do it and sanctioning political events at your school and pretending it's not political that's wrong this is kind of stuff as i said a couple of days ago that really ticks off parents that are legislature never addresses now it's going to be up to this one kid one kid he seventeen it's all on his shoulders now because the wisconsin legislature would not do a damn thing to address the content and political bias problems in the public school system it's marcus that's never been addressed and all the talk of school choice school choice school choice it's never given parents like this a choice to put their kids in an environment we're the content is not shoved through the political sausage making machine of progressive politics in the milwaukee school system you had both a gun walkout and students being loaded onto a bus with teacher chaperones so they participated in a protest in favor of sanctuary policies.

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