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He's also working with folks like me on family stories on memoirs historical fiction. Not to mention steve's own novels and nonfiction he's a one man gang handling all of the details allowing me and others to bring forth the book something in the past. That wasn't nearly as possible. So i'm thrilled to welcome ascribe and a publisher and someone i call a friend steve. Why joins us online. I'm sitting down with the man who helped me write my first and only book. Maybe not my last book. But by i only one stephen white welcome sir. Good to see a jordan. Well i saw a lot of you in about a year's time more than i've ever imagine more than you probably want it to. We'll talk about the process. My book is called on air. My fifth year love affair with radio and thanks for helping me with the title as well and everything else it was it was it was a pleasure jordan and on the podcast here We'll do a special edition. So i can talk more fully about it. But what an amazing process. And i learned a lot and i was really impressed with how you work before we get to me. And what you did for me in general How do you catalog. what it is you do. You're you're more than just a writer. Well what i did was. I created my own publishing company so to speak Recently it's becoming Very advantageous for people to Published their own books and get them up on amazon And it's not as hot as people think jordan it's it's You know everybody has a book in them. Whether it's a book about you know law or a book about your family and before people used to be worried. Oh i have to write it now. I have to get an age. I have to send it to a publishing company. I gotta wait a year. But everything is easier now and I've just been able to streamline the process where i could help anyone write the book that wanna right get it up on amazon and then help them promote it if they would like who are some of your clients besides me well..

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