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It wouldn't hurt it. Oh, it's part of live. I'm grateful that I went through it to see the rain, nothing to it and everything. The people are going through in the world, whatever they're going through. Joe only temporary and you can get through it. If you've leaving your show leaving the love that you own. And believe in the freedom you were given when you were born and the word freedom f. r. e. e. d. o. m. stands for seeing real exciting energy developing outta miracles outta outta miracles freedom. What would you say again, Gary Busey with us, he's written a bible basic instructions before leaving earth. He likes his acronyms. The beauty 'isms are big on the acronym Akron, no, no, no, no, no. They're not acronyms their BCSM's. I'm sorry my my, you know what? I stand corrected. Thank you for doing that. Okay. You did good. I needed that public humbling. You're right. I I needed to get it right. When you talked about going through some of the stuff that you don't regret going through, what's something that you look back on and you're like, well, at the time that seemed like the hardest thing in the world to go through. But now I can look back on and say, no, it was misplaced. My fear was misplaced. No, nothing is hard to go through. You just go through it and you don't look at it. Just negative judgmental. Rejection abandonment. You don't look at it like that. This is a part of life is giving you to go through to be a better person, and he sees his do if you stay in your truth and saying your love without judging anything you give with love and the love that you give, we'll come back to you tenfold. It's beautiful to live with love. What is love doing this with the book talks about and the things I went through out of body brain surgery, trip to the other side near death cancer in the middle of my face things. I've been through it all my movies and what I've choices are made with drugs. It's great. I go to say there ain't nothing to it and everybody out there. The region book is going through something hard for them. They will realize, hey, I don't have to do this anymore because Gary withdrew it worse than me and he got out of it because he believed in himself and he believed his life and the word life l. i. f. e. stands for living in forever or turn ity. You don't. Di death t h that stands for. Built expect a tragedy here. Gary Busey with us on ESPN radio. And again, you see, as is the name of the book it is available now. Get the book, you'll you'll have so much fun radiant. My soulmate seventy Sampson wrote. It took her ten months. She would take my stories in the shoe, put it in your own writing and it's readable, and every chapter starts with abuse him. Yeah. Yeah, for instance, the work change. Chapter nine don't give away the whole blood Kerry Kerry you're not going to give reasons. I mean, if you keep giving away the whole secrets of the book guy would change. But if you keep giving away all the UC 'isms wise, anyone going to buy you seasons. I'm sorry. I yelled at you here. Gary Busey with us on ESPN radio. You mentioned the the visit to the other side. I'm remiss if I don't ask a follow up, there can what details. Can you give us from that out of body experience? Brief. The book is in the book, wait a minute, so are these is. Tmz talking to you about it. You interrupted me. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I don't know what that's about. So. I'm sorry, I interrupted you. Please continue about what what's your question? What he want to know the out of body experience and the the visit to the other side? Well. Well. Well. Shorter, explain something to someone who hasn't been. There has no idea what it's like to me. It was a beautiful trip to the other side which you feel love, understanding and trust in protection. Like you can't feel on our and I was surrounded by hundreds of angels, big balls of light that are breathing in throwing and they're about as big as volleyball and you can't look that angel right into the light. 'cause you'll end up on your stomach because the love is so powerful..

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