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For me as a journalist and editor tesla means a lot because for first he was the father of the radio not much corny and of course he did he did a lot and i have found it so many so many connections anticipating of high technologies anticipating gulf wifi off two days rolled we are all connected it's sla anticipated this and people always ask what about that strong identity serbia's stronger than theory into nikola dessalegn i think the the answer is is really simple he he was genius he was from serbia he was famous he changed the world and inventor and scientist he was in belgrade only and that's may be a little bit strange uh he was in belgrade spent in belgrade early little bit more than twenty four hours only once in his life and then he talked to students and he said i is you can see in here remained the serb and cross the sea where i am doing tests you must be the same in video knowledge and your work and you will raise the glory of serbian people in the world all right we're gonna find has about one of the business that it's very involved in skin diagnostics and this is fascinating using mobile devices to diagnose and to address acne which of course is a huge problem seems to be rather surprisingly little understood let's hear more now from sophomore inc which is found out of tennis skin so we are doing skin analysis in so we're using various uh number of techniques to measure the functions of the skin we started in skin cancer screening we moved to general skin health and now most recently were focused on quantifying acne and digitizing acne so we use a combination of a can of smartphone technology but that's uh.

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