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Good great yeah so i mean it helps to come into jordan jesse go with us super touchdown just say it's a real super touchdown that's your nickname for when you were on the and one mix tapes i think that's anyone who's less name is swisher i feel like everybody would be called the swish or i mean it's a pretty rocks one i mean like if you think of our colleague kevin ferguson people call him furred or fergie neither of those is something you would want it's something you'd be saddled with i got a i i had a job where we we got a new co workers name was john gutierrez funny guy john gutierrez by the way find him out there on twitter love giana gutierrez and course famous nickname the goutte well here's the thing yeah he was he was in the said something to him like hey can you throw me that calculator i don't know what we were doing there's no calculators okay can you throw me that retaining standardized test we were taking standard yes we we were taking the ap bio test which is a lot of math on weirdly roman sure sure so i said you just wanted to play drug war it was at my chain now let's wanted to play drawer how did that how did that game spread so far touch point for generation and i said hey yeah through that calculator gut's and then i was so impressed by myself i'm like hey you got a new nickname everybody we're gonna call you gut's from now on and he just looked at me and said people have been calling me that my whole life.

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