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No, you kind of. The local support was still so strong for him I'm just so proud of everyone involved in this tournament and bringing it the Northern Ireland. I, I wish the ending for me would have been written a little bit differently, but. It's been an awesome experience and I can't wait to come back here in a few years and planning another open I mean that was that was amazing to watch and I think that's really when I got the full sense of the community support, and and I you know like you said that pressure wasn't necessarily coming from outside of really just coming from within everyone was there supporting him and rooting him on and. He was the one that was applying that pressure doing self. It seems like that's right. Yeah, I'm in a difficult on that I. Tell You the first day for them. You know just. Think that the whole thing just had him on the t, the noise and the people around him, but you know it did. It did make good charge in the second day. It was just A. Couple of shots would have done it, but there you go well it, so then I wonder just to to wrap us up here. If there are any lessons that you've taken from from raising rory to teaching junior golfers everywhere, and if there's any big lesson from worked out so well with rory. You need to take your child to P J crew. You need to find somewhere where the play golf. Once they swinging. And you gotta find someone to look off them. WHO's got patience? Patience is the big thing with children. And they've. Got To enjoy themselves gotta be couldn't environment where the con- enjoy themselves? and. Just let's see what happens. It's amazing. Well. It's an amazing story. And I'm excited to see more of your show. It's called breaking into the Game Juniors. It's going to be on golf pass and and Michael Wood. That's where we're GONNA. See all kinds of tips for for you for other juniors. That's at the tips are in their. Of many other ones, but they're in their. Hopefully we can. We can involve a lot of juniors and some parents. Grandparents can get their kids I'd swing in because it's a great game. You know it's it's very You know you make friendships for life. gets you in the fresh air and I mean. Continue as well good for your mental health. That's right now more than ever. We're seeing it's A. It's a great way to be outside you getting fresh air, getting exercise and. It's a beautiful thing, and and we were you. And I and rory and so many others were lucky to get a club in our hands pretty early on. Yes very looking. Thanks so much. Michael Thank you Dylan. That's going to do it for this week's episode of the drop zone. Thanks so much to Michael Ben and for joining us his shows breaking into the game. Juniors and you can find that on golf pass. Thanks also to leave finer expertly produced this week's episode and thanks to you for listening. We'll see next week..

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