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Such successful medical career promoting VF repair that he would later be dubbed, the father of modern gynecology. I mean, pretty cool. Right. Not exactly this Vivey treatment. He developed came as the result of a lot of terrible vaginal experiments. He performed on African American slaves and doctors did that shell the time. And last year two thousand eighteen New York City's public design commission voted unanimously to remove his statue. All right. So there is that. Okay. Now, let's lighten tobacco lighten it up a bit this this next detail about Dr Lori is ridiculous upon arriving in the US. Dr Lori sent a letter to the editor of the courier announcing the following to establish his medical practice in that city and keep in mind, just for extra comedy that you know, technically is a dentist. He he writes. I pray you to announce and you'll next number that a French physician has just arrived in the city who is acquainted with the means lately discovered in France of destroying hunches the. Individuals submitted to the operations required ceases deformity, gradually diminish an after a treatment longer or shorter. According to the extent of the deformity, the body resumes its natural forms that discovery has met with the greatest success in France. And everything induces the belief that it will have the same result in this country early nineteenth century when Dennis or working on hunchback's whiskey. Saw. I just love it overdue. I let me get a good little those choppers. Okay. Allow you laying around you hunt. You bit. Oh, hey, you got quite a hunch there could I conducted take that down right after a POS teeth. You know what I'm out it? Well, I'm gonna check your circulation for that. I I could try to make sure you're not pregnant, you know, Jake pulse. Kentucky about from potions various ailments of the stomach and such. And then let's get you some new eyeglasses and how much leeann the counter-bid and talk about your feelings, Dr one stop shop. That's what they called me whiskey. Solid dentist. Oh, God horseback. By the end of eighteen twenty eight they'll fiend has her first child with Dr Lori Jean-Louis her six child overall of keeping score. An individ-. Del phen- sells the family plantation and purchases..

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