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Hand them right up to the right board offense paid drop your backpack into and can you pass this ballot up to to our friend up there with a wearing a bandana? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. You with the red one pass the there's a stack of ballots. Could you pass it down the fence is the most? Okay, you can Mark to go ahead. The right answer is is Nelson. We've pre marked it for you. Just put in the bottom gillum and Nelson. Okay. If you can't read no problem, this is a scandal. Eight five five forty Laura banana Republic this is a banana Republic this way of voting and Britain. He's a woman even working in a position of authority. Does she understand where the camera is though because she tends to look either she's sleeping or she's look there's a drowsy kind of half half awake state. She's in rim sleep. I think through half of these interviews will play those for you when we return. And that people on television, give calling her snipe. I think we should we should meet remember Brenda swipes vote. Forget Snipes swipes were sniping at Brenda Brenda swipes votes. Don't go away. This is done fair and square. We believe Senator Nelson has an excellent chance a much greater than half chance of being reelected. The Democrats are the party of crime. That's what's happened. They are the party. The Laura Ingraham show. With thanksgiving just days away a bit. You're thinking about travel and parties and napping with a belly full of Turkey, and maybe even some pie. You know who else is looking forward to the holidays scammers and.

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