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Of election 2020 continues our race. Our state will the side the direction of the country for the White House and the Senate majority. That was Republican Senator Martha McSally on with Arizona's Morning news Friday, and this morning, we caught up with her Democratic challenger on Election Day Eve. There's Jeremy Foster joins us live with more on what Mark Kelly had to say. One of the first things we asked Mark Kelly Jamie in a race where polls have consistently showed him in the lead there now tightening, in fact, a brand new Data orbital poll of 550 likely Arizona voters out this morning show Kelly just 1% point ahead of MK Sally Now. Two weeks ago, the same polls showed him up over six points. But Kelly told us he's still confident. Think the only Poles that really matters when folks go to the polls tomorrow, and when they count the votes, and that might take might be done tomorrow might take a couple days. I feel pretty good. Something else. Kelly and other Democrats may be keeping an eye on Republicans of return nearly 45,000 more ballots in Maricopa County than Democrats so far on the early voting side and about 90,000 Mohr than those who are not registered with either party. But Kelly points out that a lot of support from Republicans, including former elected officials, I have the Republicans for you know Mark Kelly for Senate Group. He also words folks to be patient. If we don't see the final results on Election day, and you can tune in all day for special election team coverage right here on our and we'll begin it tomorrow at five. AM I tell you, this is going to be one watch because the Republicans have come from behind to now lead with the number of ballots already returned and their also expected to turn out Maur enforce the Democrats at the actual voting booth tomorrow, so this is really going to be one to watch it is and we we heard from the Steve Cortes with the Trump campaign today. He's in there feeling increasingly confident about taking Arizona. All right. Thank you so much. Kate. There's Jeremy Foster.

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