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The draft um in the diet that number nine to me would either be a pass rusher and now it probably the markets davenport uh from eu teeth san antonio either roadrunner shell that's that's already a bit of a red flag right there um and then the other guy would be tremain edvins from virginia tech who's a middle linebacker i i think he's got some versatility in the forty nine ers can find a spot for him but uh you know he might be a good guy to have on your team if you think that moving foster is going to miss a lot of games or uh maybe even more or who knows uh coming down the line but those are the two guys that me and my sense in my intuition and uh you know what would happen after free agency it cetera uh would seem to point to uh what are you what do you think joe williams's in the grand scheme of things as far as i don't know if you talk to bear the nine earthy basis given a richer your last year in britain looked pretty good as a backup i'm just wondering god were were hide fits in if he does fit in that they think britain williams can can shoulder the loathed leica young maybe maybe he feels like you know freeman in coleman out on off that's it abc comparison probably not but i'm just curious where he is i mean is easy if these in their plans or not so much eight in the mic um nate lunch or him to show them something but they know that nick aidreliant just no track record dare show he's he's part of the group on it would be a very pleasant surprise if he came out and degrade thing to mean um it was clear to them from uh almost that first rookie minicamp i think was right after the trap that breda was uh was the better back or at least the the hungrier back last hour and um you know that was uh that was not great i mean brita had a great season um and was motivated like like no one else but uh as motivated as he was williams didn't didn't make the same splash and uh uh i got gotta think that they were a bit disappointed i think that that's definitely a position that they're going to look at in the.

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