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Liken it to the sound of a semi idling on the side of the road late at night, kind of far away in the distance. Some people are more sensitive to it than others. I happen to be able to film it almost to my chest as well as hear it. But like it was a nonstop like that, that would drive me crazy. I was told that you actually you know a little bit about doctor Jacobs and that you don't necessarily agree with some of his claims. Well, I met doctor Jacobs many, many years ago through bud. There's pin but of pretty good friends. We're pretty good friends. And he was never involved in my case, but I think one time when I went to speak with bud somewhere, I actually hit doctor Jacobson his wife actually had me spend the night at their house, gave me a place to sleep. And we're very kind to me and very gracious hosts, but I didn't really know him personally, per se. And so I never really gave him much thought he was not really ever a part of anything that had to do with me for the most part. But I did hear about the big what was going on with him and the gal Emma Woods was the pseudonym. I think she used. I did hear about that. And I did hear the audio tapes of doctor Jacobs saying things that I thought were probably really not good things to say to somebody. That didn't agree with them. I didn't agree with what he had said to her. And I will always say that, you know, I don't think that he handled her case correctly. And I'm going on what I actually heard come out of his mouth. I did not, I did not like when I heard. I did not feel good about it at all. But also, his take on the thing is a little dark for me. He's of the, I guess, believe that all these hybrids are evil, doers that have come to body snatch people and take the world or whatever. You know what I mean? So very negative stuff. I'm not feeling that negativity. I'm sure there are some negative agendas out there just as there are negative agendas in the human world. I mean, you know what I mean? There's just all kinds of negative and positive out there everywhere. I don't think everything that's here and that's happening is negative. I don't think all hybrids are like evil. I don't understand that. I really do not understand that thought process I'm not here to judge anybody, and I am a firm believer of you think whatever you're comfortable thinking. But it's just not my cup of tea at all. I can't blame you for that. From what I've heard, I haven't really done much research into doctor Jacobs. But from one of her, he does go into hypnotic states with people and from what I've also heard, he tends to lean them toward one direction, even if they don't remember that..

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