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And I don't want to speak for everyone. But I don't know if I've ever seen a lifetime movie, featuring the countless missing women and girls from the purse people communities. Yeah. So according to statistics gathered by energy moat. I'm sure I'm pronouncing that wrong, but that's just you know, I can't pronounce people's names, but he's from the Radford university Florida Gulf Coast university serial killer database, while we typically associate Syria photos with white men statistics on US serial killers by race indicate that on average forty percent of serial killers are black and in two thousand ten it was fifty nine percent. Four percent of the world serial killers can be found in the United States. Twenty five percent of US serial killer victims are black seven percent, Hispanic one point eight percent are Asian point five two percent are native. But this is from serial killers. We know and this is and this is only from serial killers. This isn't violence, and this isn't just playing murder victims. According to two thousand sixteen FBI statistics fifty two percent of murder victims in the US are black. Seven percent are black women. Forty four percent are black men and more black men were victims of murder in the United States in two thousand sixteen than all white victims combined. And I don't care if someone is murdered in a in a shooting in their neighborhood if it's a random shooting. I I don't care if I don't care what the circumstances are the fact that the only shows that we see on TV are primarily of white women, overcoming. Any sort of murderer or or featuring white women being murdered doesn't jive with the statistics that we have that fifty two percent of murder victims in the United States are black. So let me give a further example while we've been so focused on the Golden State killer in part because Michelle McNamara book. But also because he was recently caught. I haven't seen nearly the focus on the grim creeper who was arrested in twenty ten who is the grim creeper or grim sleeper. At grew the I know that Grimsley, I I know the conflict Krim, honestly, I've heard that. Yeah. Sorry. Yeah. Know, it's grim sleeper. Okay. He terrorized south central Los Angeles for almost two duck in the murderer targeted the communities. Most vulnerable women impoverished black sex worker, too he presumed that no one would miss. So he picked victims that know what that he thought. Nobody was going to report were missing from nineteen thousand hundred five to two thousand six these murders were largely ignored by the Los Angeles Police Department until a female crime reporter took an interest in the unsolved crimes in two thousand six. She started covering the city's disregard for these victims in in LA weekly local newspaper, and she exposed how the crimes were brushed under the rug health community organizations were not notified about the Ciller serial killer operating in their area. And how many of the victims families were kept in the dark, and let's compare this to the Golden State killer there. So much media attention even in the seventies and eighties about the Golden State killer. Now, it was just I in a lot of different areas. This was centralize. This was a community that the Los Angeles Police Department did not even notified that they had a serial killer. So while we know a handful of his victims, he kept photos and videos of women who hate we have yet to identify investigators found over a thousand photos and several hundred hours video in its home. The images show mainly black women of a wide age range from teenagers to middle aged to older often nude the photos a lot of the photos were released to the public in an effort to identify women. But only about fourteen of these twelve of these women are known, and I don't wanna get into a pissing conscious about the number of murders committed because every murder victim is important. And I get the at that the grim sleeper was arrested in twenty ten so it's an older story..

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